Vegan Chocolate Mousse

creamy & chocolatey goodness

At my most recent women's health event, Learn to Love Your Cycle, this little chocolate delight was served amongst other nutritious bites. It was a smash to say the least! The ladies loved the rich chocolatey flavor and creamy goodness of it all. As a token of my appreciation to all attendees and everyone supporting my journey so far, I've decided to share this one with you.

Not only is this recipe super simple to make - with only TWO ingredients - it's also quite the crowd pleaser. As it's easy to serve as a dessert at a dinner hosted at home or for at a small scale workshop like ours, and on top of it's just plain delicious. And it's plant-based, meaning everyone gets to enjoy.

what you need:

1 dark chocolate couverture (I used the one from Alnatura)

1 almond whipping cream from Soyana

yep - that's all you need! I mean I know I tend to be quite the minimalist but this recipe just took my minimalism to a whole different level.


In a double boiler, melt the dark chocolate. In the meantime, whisk the almond whipping cream until it reaches a smooth consistency. Add the melted chocolate into the mixing bowl with the almond whipping cream and whisk away until it's completely blended together into a creamy texture. Serve in small jars, bowls or in whatever floats your boat. I suggest creating small portions, as it's quite filling. Garnish with fresh or dried pomegranate, goji berries or whatever topping you desire. Place in the refrigerator for it stiffen.

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