Vegan Pancakes

quick, easy, delicious and filling

Pancakes were a Sunday morning ritual in our household. My dad would make us these huge pancakes served with lots of maple syrup on top. It was a ritual we very much looked forward.

Being the mindful mama I am, I restrict the amount of animal products we consume and prefer plant-based recipes. However not wanting to give up my beloved Sunday ritual, I came up with this simple yet delicious vegan version.

ingredients for 8-10 pancakes:

250 g spelt flour

450 ml almond or oat milk

1 pinch salt

sweeten to your liking with sweetener of your choice

coconut oil for the pan

toppings of your choice


add all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix until it becomes a thick batter. add a spoonful of coconut oil to a small frying pan. add batter to the pan. one soup spoon should be enough. fry at high temperature. after the first to two pancakes, you can lower the temperature to medium heat. always add another spoonful of coconut oil every time you flip or add new batter.

garnish as you wish. i love eating my pancakes with almond butter, maple syrup and berries on top. chia seeds or coconut flakes are also a great addition. play around with the toppings and see what you takes your liking.

as always, enjoy con amor