weekly moon-casts - week of 11 July - 24 July 2021

the moon is a beautiful representation of how predictable the feminine can be. yet still deeply embedded in her own mystery. there is something consistent about her energy, yet something very inconsistent. you can't really pin her down.

often life feels very similar. when we think we have it figured out, it usually sends us another curve ball our way.

this week ahead the moon will be journeying through the various signs heading towards the Full Moon in Aquarius.

each sign brings its own unique energy to the table. none like the other, except the consistent evolution of the sign before it. somehow similar to life - as time goes on we naturally evolve and mature with it. if - we allow it to happen.

Sun, 11/07/21 - Waxing Crescent Moon in Leo (shifts at 02:21) 🌒 ♌︎ 🜂

post-new moon we entered the fiery Leo energy, bringing us the the kind roar we needed to begin our new lunar cycle with our hearts wide open.

Tue, 13/07/21 - Waxing Crescent Moon in Virgo (shifts at 10:31) 🌒 ♍︎ 🜃

later journeying to the sign of Virgo, reminding us about the bigger picture. as she is the one in divine service of others. take care of your mental care on days of Virgo moon.

Thu, 15/07/21 - Waxing Crescent Moon in Libra (shifts at 16:32) 🌒 ♎︎ 🜁

on the 15th the moon shifts to Libra, inviting us to call in our tribe and share our intentions with them. the more support we have, the more confident we will feel to continue on our path.

Sun, 18/07/21 - First Quarter in Scorpio (shifts at 20:39) 🌓 ♏︎ 🜄

from the air sign of community and justice, we move on to the First Quarter Moon on the 17th of July. when the moon lands in Scorpio, deep waters are to be expected. the richness of the Scorpio depth is amongst us. have an emotional check-in with where you are currently at.

Mon, 19/07/21 - Waxing Gibbous in Sagittarius (shifts at 23:08) 🌔 ♐︎ 🜂

further we head towards the full moon, the more pressure and tension we might feel. on sagittarius moons let us aim high with our philosophical mind and blend on the rest on those days. remain idealistic in your dreams and visions you have for yourself. remember your innate power to create any reality and transmute any discouragning energy that is standing your way.

Wed, 21/07/21 - Waxing Gibbous in Capricorn (shifts at 00:37) 🌔 ♑︎ 🜃

Capricorn Moon right before Full Moon invites us to plan out last-minute action steps. bring in this strategic and ambitious energy into your intentions of the week. this Earth sign loves to feel like its working towards something. after you make you steps, surrender to what it is and trust you did enough! this is a big one on Capricorn moons, to deeply trust where you are currently at.

Thu, 22/07/21 - Beginning of Leo Season

The day we welcome the season of the Lion which will go to the 23rd of August.

Sat, 24/07/21 - Full Moon in Aquarius (shifts at 04:36) 🌕 ♒︎ 🜁

On Saturday, the 24th of July we will enter Full Moon terrirtory.

Article on the New Moon in Aquarius will be dropping soon - stay tuned!