what does Mujer Luna mean?

Updated: May 18, 2021

Mujer Luna means Moon Woman in Spanish, my mother tongue. The name I have bestowed upon my newest online course.

This is a course that was inspired by all the women who would ask me about the meaning behind bleeding with the different moon phases. No matter what I was talking about, this question would come up, again, and again.

This showed me the deep need, the deep crave to connect with our Grandmother Moon, our Mama Luna in Spanish.

Mujer Luna is a woman who is connected to the moon. Therefore, to her Self. You see, the moon is the representation of what feminine energy is.

Every time a woman comes to me, curious about the moon, craving to connect with the lunar energies, then I know - she is ready to step into her full expression. This means oftentimes healing those scars we carry from the patriarchy, deconditioning what we learned how life, work, energies are supposed to be. To then learn how to flow with your individual energies as a Woman, as a Human, as a Lunar Being.

I once had someone tell me that there are not many studies on the Moon. So she would rather connect with the solar energies, because there is more scientific proof of the sun.

My response was - you do you. There is really no right or wrong way to connect to energy, and we crave certain energies intuitively for a specific reason. Maybe the sun is what you need now. Maybe it’s one day the moon. What is for certain, that these inner and outer circumstances will shift and change gradually over time. That is the only thing that we will ever be certain of - that change is constant. Allow yourself to flow with this change. Something that I believe the moon embodies so well in her just being her.

Why do you think there are more studies done on the sun than the moon? For me it is the direct reflection of our more masculine orientated society. The sun represents masculine energies, whereas the moon is feminine.

The feminine has been repressed for the last thousands of years, and now with the new feminine consciousness arising, so is the lunar consciousness. What the moon in essence is the reflection of the sun? Meaning one can not exist without the other.

My musings are intuitive downloads of the symbology of the moon. What Mama Luna whispers me to share on her behalf.

Mujer Luna, Moon Woman, is a woman who embodies all of the codes of lunar consciousness that is deeply connected to the solar consciousness. As we can not be one, without the other. Equilibrium in our being is essential for our survival, the play, the balance of both the yin and the yang.

Mujer Luna is a woman who is interested in honoring her inner cycles, just like the outer cycles that connect us so poetically, that for me is all the proof I need to feel like I am part of this macrocosm. That I am on the one side a drop in the vast ocean, however also in my own drop, an entire ocean.

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