Yoga Practice as a Mom

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

My yoga practice as a mother is cut short these days. I still do yoga, not as regularly and it’s definitely not uninterrupted. But I’ve learned how to go with the flow with it.

In moments like these, we can learn a lot from each other. From them we learn how to savor the moment, and how to refocus to the present moment. And from us, they can learn through meditation how to wind down all of their energy.

What you resist, persists. This has been proven to be true in my book again and again. When I try to make my toddler be quiet during meditation, it obviously doesn’t work. When I let him wind down his frantic energy, by just being the example and not letting his hyperactivity make me nervous, he naturally adapts to my energy during meditation.

It always fascinates me how meditation and yoga affect us and our surroundings. By me setting the vibrational tone by going inward, my toddler is drawn to my calmness. He sometimes lays on my lap while I meditate. At times he tries to be like Mama and mimics me. My baby has even fallen asleep during chanting. Recently, my toddler even started reading a book beside me during meditation, something he rarely does unless we do it together!

My message here is to not give up your spiritual practice, or whatever it is, you love to do, just because, you feel like you have to adapt to your children's needs all the time. They also have to adapt themselves to ours and essentially, I believe, that this is what they truly desire deep down, to be involve in our day-to-day lives and business. They're interested in knowing what it is we do and how we do it. And all we have to do, is give them a chance to be a part of our worlds and not just us being a part of theirs and making it all about them. Because that's now how life works in the end.

It's not our job to rescue them from their boredom all the time, but to trust that they're capable of self-soothing and figuring things out for themselves, such as what they can do during the time "mommy has her quiet time and meditates".

I'm not saying don't plan fun outings or play dates with friends to keep them busy. Do those things, by all means, that's part of our lives as parents, too, after all. But give them a chance every once in awhile, and you might be surprised how adaptable they are in being present in our space.

Besides, just by them being there, while you chant, and expand your space, you are exposing them to so much positive vibrations, that you're going to want to share this with them.

Sat Nam