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the moon

The moon is the closest celestial body to the earth. Within women exists something like the moon: the power, inner wisdom and cyclical knowing of every woman exists in her womb. Her strength is found here and affects her on every level. The cycles, the wax and wane, the natural emotional flow of the female is regarded as sacred. Ancient wisdom teaches that it is interwoven within a woman’s DNA to be an emotional being that fluctuates in emotional experience. This emotion is what makes her beautiful. It births her psychic nature, attunement with the cosmos, intuition and empathy.

Modern culture has surpassed, banished and ridiculed this inner guidance system that women innately possess. This lost art of connecting to the cyclical, emotional and deeper knowing is what I reignite in my Lunar Alignment sessions to help you strengthen your sense of direction, purpose and trust in yourself and the energies that are supporting you.


shamanic healing session


These are perfect if you have a specific area in your life that you are stuck on and struggling to resolve, or know you want to reconnect to your inner wisdom but have no idea where to begin and what that even means for you in tangible terms. In my single sessions, you can expect to experience a self-healing activation, an energetic cleanse, rituals, spiritual guidance, shamanic healing instruments and journeying. After our single session, you will receive session notes via e-mail and you will have access to me through voice notes (WhatsApp), until the moon cycle is complete on the new moon, if you have any questions or require guidance. 


3-moon cycles



Once you begin this work it’s clear that it requires some longer-term practice, awareness and guidance. My 3-month coaching container is a safe space to explore and develop these aspects of yourself in a way that allows you to identify your next steps, direction, purpose and a deeper meaning in your life.


I recommend preparing for your Lunar Alignment Sessions by reflecting on your intention for the session including anything and everything that is coming up for you in life at this time. When we meet, I will ask if there is anything you are wanting to work on.  Then, I will intuitively guide the session, speak about intentions you have set, and work on developing your connection to the energies supporting you and developing your ability to align with your inner wisdom though specific shamanic practices, lunar energies, and tools.

We will become clear of limiting inner stories, heal, release, discern all with the lunar energies in order for you manifest the life you desire. 

Our sessions would be every two weeks for 60 minutes of which you will receive a recording if done online or a recap via e-mail of what we spoke about and further resources. In between sessions, I am always available via WhatsApp voice notes, in case questions comes up or guidance is required.

1-lunar intensive

Experience an intensive healing experience by aligning your energies through my coaching intensive for exactly one lunar cycle, i.e. 29 days. This intensive is for those who are ready to go deep in a short time. In 29 days, we will have 4 sessions in total either in person or online. in between sessions, you will have access to me as spiritual guidance and referral to when any questions turn up.

Become clear on your next steps, develop structure around your ideas and new rituals. Week for week we will tune into the lunar energies and create a sacred space online/in person for you to dive deeper in your personal healing journey. 

client love

"Thank you, my dearest Inés, for the Lunar Alignment Coaching these past 3 months. I am grateful to the Instagram Gods for having guided to you. Through you, I have learnt Moon Magic, found my Moon Circle and learnt how to align with my Mama Luna. I have also enjoyed the Inner Journeys, rituals and practices that you have taught me. I am excited (and a bit nervous) to take all that I have learnt, trust my intuition, align with Mama Luna and make Moon Magic."

My sessions are for you if:

  • you hear the word ‘intuition’ all the time but don’t know how to tap into yours

  • you want to live in your heart but you feel trapped in your head 

  • you feel disconnected to your emotions 

  • you want to connect with your feminine energies of doing less and being more

  • you are seeking for a feminine approach
  • you are seeking a safe and sacred space to unravel yourself, explore past conditioning and create a new narrative
  • you are ready to heal and step into your empowered self
  • you are interested in shamanism, the moon, and rituals 
  • you are on your inner healing and spiritual journey.
  • Single Session

    144 Swiss francs
  • starting from the New Moon

  • 29-days of lunar guidance

    555 Swiss francs
  • Your intiation into your Sacredness

    Starts May 11

    211 Swiss francs
  • Create ceremony privately with my guidance

    299 Swiss francs

In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions:

When did you stop dancing?

When did you stop singing?

When did you stop being enchanted by stories?

When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?

- Gabrielle Roth

your lunar guide

my name is inés kelly, spiritual coach, energy healer, and moon ceremonialist. i am here guide you in your own healing journey.

i initially connected with the moon as a little girl. i truly believe that all of us can find our purpose stemming from our childhood and what we loved to do back then. eventually we forget who we are, and the divinity of what it means to be who we are.

i am here to remind you, connect you with your helping spirit guides, empower you through the lunar energies and activate your inner compass. it is my mission to connect you with ancient principles of the elements, drumming, journeying, dance, ritual and ceremony.

joy can be found in the simplest essentials. 

the moon and her rhythms serve as a beautiful reminder to how life is. it is cyclical and not a linear experience. quite in contrary to what we have been taught in most cultures.

learning her ebb and flow, which reflects our own, gives us permission, a natural guide that carves the path to not being one way or the other, but a versatile and complex being that is an universal dance of life.

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