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Journey into Self-Wisdom

I recommend for you to begin your healing journey with an initiation into your Human Design and/or Astrological chart. This will help you understand yourself deeper and give you a foundation for the inner work.
  • Deep dive into your Human Design chart

    222 Swiss francs
  • Human Design meets Healing

    333 Swiss francs
  • For couples to understand each others unique energy imprint

    333 Swiss francs
  • For families to understand their energy dynamic based on Human Design

    444 Swiss francs
  • Let's look into the stars in the moment of your birth

    255 Swiss francs
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Healing / Deconditioning

After your initiation into your Human Design and/or Astrological chart, you are now ready to emerge in the world of healing. You were able to pinpoint aspects in your chart you find challenging, where you desire healing and deconditioning.