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I'm Inés Kelly

A multi-cultural astrologer based in Zurich

1/4 Sacral Generator
Sun Scorpio, Rising Capricorn, Moon Leo

Lover of all things cyclical:
• seasons of the year,
the moon,
• menstrual cycle,
• astrological transits,
• the cycles we go through in life.

My intention is to combine human design, astrology and space holding. Making it an overall encompassing tool for individuals to find themselves, understand their nuances and decondition from what was once imprinted on them by societal or familial standards. 

I believe we heal most when we come together with community, which is why ceremony has been a powerful vessel to faciliate healing in the life of the women who gather with me and in my own. Community has been paramount in my journey to discovering who I am, having a stellium (more than 3 planets) in Sagittarius (the Truth Seeker) under the 11th House of community and friends.

Having a multi-cultural background, Jupiter in the 3th House (Upbringing/Early years) and Mars in the 9th House (Travel/Higher Studies), I have spent my early years between Switzerland, USA and Peru. Born in Peru, raised in the US and moved to Switzerland when I was 13 years old, I speak English, Swiss German and Spanish. Yet feel most at home, when I can express myself in English, which is why my work is mainly in said language.

How did I even come to this path?

It was early 2018 when a friend introduced me to Human Design. My 4-Line (The Networker) is always bringing me my greatest opportunities through my community. Shortly later I received my first reading. My Sacral (gut instinct) immediately responded with excitement and my 1-Line (the Investigator) tendencies kept on pulling me to learn more about this new found system.


In the summer of 2021, I finally responded to my inner excitement and became a Human Design Reader in Level 1 + 2. Shortly afterwards, I rounded off all my years of self-study in astrology with a 100-hour intensive training in Esoteric Astrology.


In addition, I trained as a certified Integral Guide in Human Design and Gene Keys in 16-week group program and a trauma-informed mentor for 9 months. Besides guiding women in ceremony every two weeks since 2020, I learned how to create a safe environment for women to gather and heal in community.

I have been musing about the Moon on my blog + Instagram since mid-2018 and hold space for women in ceremony teaching about the Moon and Basic Astrology since late 2019.

The remembrance of shamanism started to be channeled through me ever since I began to sit in ceremony. I intuitively made altars, worked with the elements, the directional spirits, symbolism, dream interpretation, inner journeying and energy. Which aligns with Human Design of the Gate 5 of natural rhythms/rituals and Gate 25 of the Shaman.


My North Node in Gate 25, the Gate of the Shaman, and in astrology, North Node in Pisces, are apparent in the spiritual work I do. Being a Sun, Mercury and Pluto Scorpio in the 10th House and having my Leo Moon in the 7th House of Relationships, I take naturally to all things mysticism, transformation, the occult and spirituality, and am meant to share this with my community (Stellium in the 11th House in Sagittarius).


Sit with me in ceremony here:

- in Zurich

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  • 18-month Holstic Health Coaching Certification - Akademie der Naturheilkunde

  • 4-week Women's Circle Training - Anoushka Florence

  • Human Design Reader Level 1 + 2 - Jenna Zoe

  • 100-hour Astrology Training - Stambha Life Academy

  • 9-month trauma-informed Mentor Training Level 1 + 2 - Vienda Maria

  • 16-week Integrative Human Design + Gene Keys Mentoring Certification

  • 10-week Fundamentals I in Astrology - Kepler College

Countless hours of self-study and practice in astrology, Human Design, guided inner journeying and holding space in Women's Circles


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