Welcome to my Sacred Space!
I'm Inés Kelly
Healer, ceremonialist, writer and astrologer living in Zurich, Switzerland, originally from Peru/USA.

I love all things cycles:
☾ seasons of the year,
☾ lunar cycle,
☾ menstrual cycle,
☾ astrological transits,
☾ and the cycles we go through this interconnected web we call life.
I didn't always honor the cycles in life, and within my Self.
There was a time when I believed life to be linear, that things had to constantly go up, otherwise something was "wrong". 
There was a time when I believed my emotions, especially the turbulent ones, were "bad".
Leading me to feel disconnected from Source, my guides, and most of all my Self.
In fact, this catalysed my journey to finding myself. I felt so lost and unhappy, that in 2012, I left my stable office job, one that others would refer to as a "dream job" and packed my things for Milan, Italy in search for my passion. I knew that I wanted my work to feel like I wasn't working a day in life. And back then my passion was thought to be in fashion.

I soon realized the universe had another plan for me in store. Books started to appear left and right on self-development and spirituality.

That was when spiritual teachings from Osho, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and many more came into my life.


In retrospect, I should have known the little girl who had such vivid dreams of witches and mystical creatures, and who would cry when a tree was cut down, would guide people to journey within and connect with the elements.                                      

A moon wisdom keeper is someone who passes on the knowledge of the elders and ancestors of the land, of a time when humans lived in co-harmony with the lunar phases and nature. In my sessions and ceremonies, I desire to ignite that remembrance within others to rekindle that relationship to the moon, Earth and the helping spirits around them.


moon wisdom keeper
no path is linear
In the last 10 years,
I went from fashion enthusiast to
first-time mama,
kundalini yogini,
vegan caterer,
second-time mama,
holistic health coach,
essential oils educator,
and shamanism.
It takes time for a seed to sprout, grow, and flourish into a strong, sturdy tree.       
Mama Luna
It was within my early return of my moon blood as a post-partum mama that a connection solidified between the moon and myself. Upon reading the words: "women who tend to bleed more, are connected to the moon". My body knew these words to be true. Thus, my journey with Mama Luna began.

Align to

the Moon

Through my sessions, you will honor the season you are currently in and heal from past stories.

You will come to not only understand, but truly feel, that life is a journey, and not about the destination.

You can expect shamanic practices and journeys, rituals, guidance on the lunar energies in terms of healing and manifestation.

Within you will be ignited the inner wisdom of our ancestors, guides, Earth and Moon.

My Lunar Intensive (1-lunar cycle) is for those who crave true embodiment of the long-lasting change they seek in their life.

I also offer single sessions for those who desire to heal habits, and turn them into empowering rituals, that will bring you back to your core essence.

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