Inés Kelly is a mother of two, wellness educator passionate about spirituality, self-development, astrology and leading a heartfelt life. She is the curator of LA LUNA CIRCLE, an online wellness community for women.


She gives workshops on women's health in the Zurich area and blogs from the coziness of her oasis up on the 4th story of a building away from the hectic of the City of Zurich.



Ever since 7 years old, she's been journaling her heart out, which has transitioned into a blog about voicing her deepest thoughts and desires.


Inés believes that all the answers are within and that life is not only about learning but also about unlearning many of the society's conditioning.



When she was 18 years old, she tattooed 4 hearts on her right shoulder, which she translates nowadays as a reminder to follow one's heart no matter what. Something she had to learn in many cases the hard way.

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Follow her story on Instagram @_ineskelly_ for daily updates from her point of view in life as a young mom with a multi-cultural background.


photo credits: Shirin @_thismodernmuse

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