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If you sign up for my newsletter, your email address is securely stored by Flodesk. It will remain safe with me and never, ever be shared with anyone else.

All recordings of our sessions, readings, ceremonies and workshops are shared only with the people who are concerned and not shared with anyone else. Everything that is shared remains confidential. I delete every recording or Zoom video after a week out of need for storage space. However, I recommend you download the recording/video onto your computer for future reference.



All sales are final. I do not give refunds for any events, workshops, online courses, readings, memberships or orders.

You registered for one of my programs, ceremonies, readings or a live round course, and now you can’t do it? I don’t offer refunds for cancellations except in very extreme and unusual circumstances — things like hospitalization, emergency surgery, etc. Thank you for understanding.

Here’s what can happen next:
— You can give your session / reading / ceremony spo
t to a friend who can attend in your place.
— You can sell your spot to someone who can attend in your place.
— You can save your spot to do at a later time — depending on the circumstances — you have 6 months to use it.

This does not include online courses. The sharing of passwords and course content created are intended for paid course participants only and are not allowed to be shared.



All payments are final. If you book with me via email or text message, you will receive an invoice. All payments are to be done beforehand. If you sent the payment to the wrong number via Twint, it is up to you to get your money back from Twint. I will not be held liable for any payments done to the wrong person. The payment is still required to be made to me in this given circumstance.

For anyone in a tight financial situation, I have been there, and although I don't offer any scholorship positions in these cases, I do have sales with discounts for sessions from time to time.

Any special sales or discount codes are shared on my Instagram. Keep your eyes open for the next time I them share with you.
In addition, I share content generously with my audience via my podcast, blog and Instagram. Subscribe, follow and you will be updated ongoing.

Since my line of work does not constitute medical consultation or treatment, health insurance does not apply. Energy healing, astrology, human design and mentoring is distinctly different from psychotherapy or psychoanalysis and does not deal with the diagnosis or treatment of emotional problems. My fees may however be considered deductible business expenses.



Although I aim to create a safe and sacred space for you to unravel your inner most thoughts and emotions, I am not a mental health professional. I am a trained holistic health coach, energy healer (reiki level 1), trauma-informed mentor, astrologer. I have received training in women's circles, Esoteric/Western astrology, and shamanic journeying. I am a Human Design Reader level 1 + 2 and certified Integrative Guide of Human Design and Gene Keys. Astrology has been a lifelong interest where I have taken further education rounded off by many years of self-study and deep understanding of astrology. Read more about my path and credentials on the About page. 

I invest in myself consistently and constantly in order to evolve and develop my intuitive skills and do the inner healing work alongside you. I engage with the ways of life based on shamanism, yet out of respect of the lineage of shamanism do not claim nor see myself to be a shaman.

All of my words and opinions are from my own personal experience and perspective. Please take that into account and take personal responsibility for the choices and decisions that you make. Don’t follow me (or anyone else) blindly. Do your own research, listen to your intuition, follow your heart.


Please do not copy or take any of the photos of this website. Be geniune and original. If you quote anything from my musings, Instagram or blog articles, please mention/tag me and give the credit that is deserved for my work.


Photos are made by Niloufar and Shirin.
Thank you for reading my policies and being here. ♡

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