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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a reading or session go?

Every reading is tailored to the individual. Our session lasts as long as needed. When you book, the timing provided is an estimation of how long a session normally takes. However it can last longer or shorter than that.

Does my family or partner need to be there for our compatibility / family reading?


No, but ask for their consensus and permission to have their chart read. The readings will be recorded which can be shared with them afterwards. They are more than welcome to join the reading.

For children, I would wait until they are old enough to receive this information. This is quite individual to each person. Some might be ready with 16, whereas others with 21 years old. However, you as a parent can already begin to implement this information and raise them according to what you have learned from the reading.

Where should I start?


A Soul Discovery Reading is a single session that gives an overall and holistic picture of who you are. I weave in various self-discovery systems: Human Design, Gene Keys and Astrology. Every reading includes elements of space holding and mentoring.

What is the difference between Human Design and Astrology?

Human Design is a more practical, hands-on self-discovery system, whereas Astrology more esoteric and karmic in nature. Both essentially giving you two different perspectives to see yourself through.

What next after my initial reading?


After your intial reading, give yourself time to integrate the information. Relisten to the recording and make notes. Reflect on what was shared. Experiment for yourself how you live out the energies found in your chart(s). Notice where have you been conditioned and where you can lean more into your true self.

You can book a follow-up session to really understand and integrate the information and to receive mentoring on where you might have been experiencing conditioning or limiting beliefs.

Do you provide written astrology readings?

As I prefer to spend our time together in dialogue, I do not do any kind of written readings.

Do I receive a recording of the reading?

At the beginning of every session, I ask if you would like to have a recording of the reading. The recording is only for you. I will never use the recording for any purposes nor share the information that you share with me. My sessions are 100% confidential.

The recording is deleted after a week, as I need the storage space on Zoom. I recommend you to download the files (audio or video) onto your computer for future reference.

Are the sessions online or in person?

Currently, I only offer online sessions and readings.

Where did you learn about astrology/Human Design or come to this work?

Learn all about my certifications and path on the 'about' page.

Can I pay in installments?

This is possible. Please reach out via

Do you offer discounted prices for readings or sessions for someone who is going through a financially difficult situation?

Find ideas how to work with me at a special price in my policies.

Can I get a gift certificate for my partner, friend, family member, etc.?

I would gift them a reading only if you know that they are truly interested in these kinds of readings.

What languages do you give readings and sessions in?

English, German and Spanish

Do you have a question?

Send me a message below with any questions.

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