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client love

Since I found you, I feel on the right path and grew in so many levels. With you I found new beautiful souls that I never want to miss in my life again. With you I found myself! Your words, your knowledge, what you give and what you create, this divine and pure soul you have. Thank you soooo infinitely for everything.

- Laila Ö.

Feeling it all. And if in the past I would have felt kind of strange or guiltyfor not being outgoing and communicative, since being part of your lunar circles I feel totally fine and super aligned and actually grateful for having and respecting the phases.

- Svetoslava D.

In the Moon Circles that Inés facilitates - both online and offlice - I have gathered in community with wonderful women, meditated, danced and held sacred space for each other as we shared the intimate experience of our inner journeys...Inés is truly a modern Medicine woman and I highly recommend checking her page out.

- Aditi M.

I just attended a women circle on self-development and though the coaching was quite interesting, it did not compare to all to our sessions with Inés. I am grateful for this space we open up every two weeks and I could not imagine my life without our La Luna Circles anymore. Just wanted to let you know how I am feeling.

- Pia N.

I would so love that more women do this, not from ego, but for a beautiful experience and the healing power. For me the last session has been a huge part of my healing journey. Thank you so much.

- Svetoslava D.

Thank you, once again, for the magical Waning Moon Circle that you facilitated for us last night. It was such a privilege to be a part of it with you and the other lovely women who formed the circle. It was truly amazing how you are able to create a safe sacred sapce for us to journey inside and share what you experience in these inner journeys with each other. The music and dance as well as the opportunity to draw cards at the end are bonuses. Thanks to the space that you create, I feel like I am truly starting to understand what it means to let go of fears and expectations and just be...

- Aditi M.

What a magical evening. If you're interested in learning and living more aligned with the moon and your menstrual cycle, I highly recommend you working with Inés Kelly. She holds so much wisdom and the space was very nourishing, safe and expanding. Grateful that I got to be held in such a space.

- A. Nikolic

For a while now my soul has been craving to gather in community with like-minded women. I found Inés sometime ago and I finally answered the call to join her circles.  It has been such a beautiful experience thus far and is really a space that is so beautifully held for us to come together as sisters and experience the abundance that life has to offer. Inés has such a gentle way about her and immediately I could feel the genuine love that she holds for the women in her circles.  One of my favorite moments in each of the circles is the shamanic practice where Inés guides us through. There is always a message, an affirmation, a layer unveiled in this practice and I’m so thankful after every La Luna circle that I am part of such an amazing community of women. Every month it is so intriguing to hear about how we can come into relation with the phases of the moon and instead of going against nature, we can thrive if we are aware of the energy that is behind the current phase.

- Allina L.

La Luna Circle is a place that gives space for everyone to discover, recognize and share visions. Each session takes me through the moon cycles to remind me what my intentions are to stay on my way. Inés does this with clarity, sensitivity and knowledge and enables everyone the sacred space to grow. She is authentic, loving and a great personality. I‘m very grateful. love & light.

- Corinne W.

The knowledge and spirituality Inés shares is deep and very healing. Following her with the La Luna Circle Ive been able to connect with myself, the moon and many other women where Im sharing the same spiritual thoughts and interests with. I also got my Human Design reading with her and received it with a lot of personal empathy. Inés is a great coach and healer and Im so thankful I found and connected with her! Highly recommended, if you want to be healed and enlightened.

- Laila Ö.

I am so thankful my path in life has crossed with Inés. Her La Luna circle is a safe place for me to express my feelings and I always appreciate her thoughts and guidance. I recently got a human design reading for me and my family (hubby + 2 kids) and I resonated so well with all she shared. She is very knowledgeable and someone who I look up to. I'd recommend her 108 times over.

- Natalie K.

Inés is really a great space holder, healer, and just a beautiful soul & human. Her women circle, in person ceremonies and astro & human design readings are infused with love, care, grounding, knowledge & empathy. I highly recommend her.

- Alexandra R.

I came across Inés on Instagram and I was immediately intrigued in her Luna circle. It felt so nurturing being part of it and with the time I felt the need to dive deeper into myself. So I asked to work individually in one-to-one sessions with Inés. Actually we started with me asking for help for my website and thanks to her guide I not only made my site, but also got to know myself better. Working with Inés in the following months after brought me to heal very deep woundings from my childhood, increase my self esteem and confidence as a woman and find the strength to go through all the huge changes in my personal life, such as closing a six years long very important relationship, leaving the country after 24 years and knowing where I stand as a 43 years old woman and what my deepest desires are.I feel so grateful for the beautiful and kind soul that Inés is and the love and energy she pours into her clients and work. She knew how to guide me to the very core of the issue, stand strong by my side when looking into myself and my shadows and she was a great support during releasing times, that sometimes was tough! Thank you very much from the deepest of my heart!

- Svetoslava D.

It was so powerful last circle. So grateful for you and the community really.

Always feel so grateful after our gatherings. There is always so much clarity and realizations from what has happened since the last lunar cycle. I'm a true believer of intention setting now as always thank you for holding space for us, for holding our hearts and deepest thoughts. For providing such insight with your take on our shamanic inward journey. You are truly such a blessing.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for always helping to facilitate the shifting in the energy. I'm so happy to be part of this circle. You're awesome, so much love to you.

Thank you for holding space Inés and I'm so happy to be part of this group. It's truly transformational and medicine for the soul.

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