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An initiation into your energetics

  • 1 hour
  • 222 Swiss francs
  • Online

Service Description

Human Design is a holistic self-knowledge system combining astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah and Vedic philosophy. It is a system that helps us open up more flow when we use the energy correctly. In a safe space, I cover step by step and debunk a system that looks complex at first sight, yet inhabits many hidden gems to be discovered. Intuitively you will recognize yourself, and with my gentle guidance, you will begin to understand how you can allow yourself to become more of you as an individual came here to be. This is a true initiation into your Human Design and your unique energetic bodygraph. This is for the Soul that craves self-wisdom, understanding and knowledge. If you desire to have a deeper understanding of who you are and what your natural gifts and talents are - Human Design is an amazing tool to do exactly that. What to expect: ✦ In depth reading of your bodygraph ✦ Space for questions & reflections ✦ Online session ✦ Recording/audio provided In an in depth and extensive reading I cover: ✦ what Human Design is and the 4 energy types ✦ your energy type and inner authority (best way you make decisions) ✦ how you know when you are energetically in alignment to your design ✦ your open and closed energy centers (how you are influenced by outside energy) ✦ your profile number ✦ your 4 arrows (which define your ideal environment, digestive type, strongest sense, how you best achieve goals) ✦ your inner motivation ✦ your gates and channels ✦ your Incarnation Cross (direction and purpose in life). For futher types of reading (family, compatibility, coworkers, etc.), reach out via email

Cancellation Policy

No refunds upon cancellations but you may reschedule your session. Please check our policy for further details on what you can do in case of cancellations under: - Thank you.

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