Welcome to my Sacred Space.

I'm Inés Kelly -

Shamanic healer & moon ceremonialist.


I create sacred space for women to heal and tune into their inner wisdom using the lunar energies, inner journeying, and intuitive guidance.

When Women heal the whole tribe heals.

It is said that when we heal as an individual, this seeps through to the 7 generations that came before us and the 7 generations that will come after us.

Imagine how powerful this is! 

Many of us are awakening to the fact that the way things were wasn’t working anymore. We are ready to experience a shift in the way we live and work. Change is in the midst and the humanity that is currently on the planet is contributing to that massive shift in consciousness. 
The more we are able to heal on an individual level, the more healing will be done on a collective level. 
I am a big believer of the web of life known in shamanism. Meaning everything is interconnected. When we do inner healing work, it is not only for ourselves, but we are laying a strong foundation for those who come after us as well.

And it is work! The undoing we are unraveling from the past, now creating the new. It is a lot and you don't have to do it alone!

Let's walk this path together.

The more women step into their power as healers, medicine women, spiritual midwives, shapeshifters, ceremonialists, guides, mothers and wise women, the more healing we will experience on this planet.

This is where inner healing comes in.

Imagine -

☽ If we don't value ourselves, then how will we be able to be the lighthouse for others? 

☽ If we do not understand our power, then how will we be able to use it to create a life we truly love? 
☽ If we are disconnected to our bodies, then how will we hear our inner wisdom speak to us? 

Inner healing is a way to reclaim your power.

To understand yourself, the mission you are here to create on an individual and collective level. 

To step into your role as the lighthouse you came here to be.
We are in essence the gatekeepers of creation.

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