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Gratitude list

A list and page of people who have supported and inspired me on this journey of mine. Thank you thank you thank you.


Honoring one's lineage of teachers is honoring from where one grew in wisdom and knowledge. I thank those who walked the path before me, so I could pave my own.

Vienda Maria - my mentor in feminine business who taught me so much about how to do business intuitively and how to be a mentor for others at The Mentor Training

Anoushka Florence - for teaching about the medicine of the Women's Circle

Ezgi Fisher at Stambha Astrology School - for initiating me deeper into the cosmos

Jenna Zoe - for sharing your insightful Projector energy in the Human Design system

Luciano Armani + Fabrice Boulenger - for creating an integral Guides program based on the poetic Gene Keys and structural Human Design system




My tribe of support.

Nathalie Honest Heart Studio - for your ongoing support in my business

Mi Mama, Kelly - for being my tribe in motherhood y la mejor abuela

My coparent, Harun Tan - for your ongoing support, even if you thought I was crazy, and being my biggest fan nowadays

Tsitaliya Mircheva - for witnessing my path unfold and for your trust, friendship and support over the years



Laila Özcan - for caputuring moments of ceremonial bliss again and again

Nilafour Krage - for your nostalgic film magic


Shirin Modern Muse - for letting me be your muse for a day 




Healers need healers too.

All my Sisters at La Luna Circle - for walking this path alongside me and believing in magic

Rahel Papis - my go-to hypnotherapist and bestie to nerd out on astrology with


Lucie Gabrielle - for being my mum coach, fellow mompreneur and online bestie


Anna Jordane - for being the magical space holder you are

Svetoslava Djabarova - for sharing your floral essences with me

Marlene Märki - for digging deeper into my subconscious and sharing your ThetaHealing magic with me

Marta Selah - for holding space for me to breathe and feel

Marco Tesi - for creating safe spaces to connect with the masculine/feminine essence

Michael Griesser - for being an open channel and having an open ear for us all

Desiree Dell'Amore - for your relaxing sounds


Markus Bachmann - for giving my first official astrological reading while we unraveled what's to come including my Pluto transit

Kelly Roland - for the transformational space, Temple of Honey, and journey with the feminine archetypes, Western/Mayan astrology and Human Design

Anne Hancock - for reading my chart in the Whole House system and giving me a new way to relate to my chart


Mind in Meditation Studio - for giving me a space to share my magick with others

Yoga Scheune - for creating this magical space to gather in nature

Love list

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