our fav moon apps

i thought for this blog post, it would be fun to share with you some of my favorite apps for the moon phases.

photo by Nilafour Krage

some of these apps came as a recommendation from my La Luna Circle sisters. i love having our small collective group of spiritual women who shares all of these things with one another. something I truly appreciate and cherish to have like-minded women to connect with.

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Now to the apps - here are our favorite Moon apps:

Astronomy Calendar App by Canton Becker - i like this app, because it shows not only the main lunar phases, but also other astronomical events such as Mercury retrograde and planet conjunctions. Plus I like the emojis that were added :). It is directly added to your smartphone calendar.

Moon Phases Calendar 2020-2021 - this is a simple calendar showing the four main moon phases during the year 2020 - 2021. It is directly added into your calendar.

Moonly Moon Calendar - this is less of a calendar and more of an app. It shares not only the current moon phase, but also it's energetics depending on the day of the week and more. It shares rituals for the specific moon phases. There is both a free and paid version.

My Moontime Period Tracker - This is my favorite period tracker, as it includes the moon phase, the Archetype of our current menstrual phase and more. There is both a free and paid version.

What are some of your favorite Moon and/or Menstrual apps?

Hope you find inspiration here.

As always, thank you for sharing this sacred space with me.

Sending love,

Inés Kelly


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My name is Inés and I am here to guide you through your emotions, the ebbs and flows in life and show you that there is another way to what we were taught - the ways of the cycles. In my 1:1 sessions, we dive deep in your inner healing and create empowering ritual to guide you on your path.


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