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Your Women's Circle 

Every New Moon, we gather online via Zoom for us to connect, set intention, release, create ritual and gain clarity that are deeply aligned with our heart and Soul. 

Every Full Moon, we come together in person and release limiting beliefs by journeying within, speak our truth and create ritual according to the elements.


An online tribe for women curated by women - this will be a platform for you to find like-minded women interested in manifestation, rituals, lunar cycles, cyclical living, astrology, shamanism, energy healing and spirituality.

Let's come together in community, amplify the moon energy as a collective and come in alignment with our hearts desire. As a collective of spiritual women, we can change the world, by aligning our vibrations to one of clarity, grace and sovereignty. When women come together magic happens. 

As your Guide, throughout the phases of the lunar cycle, we will touch base every New moon and every Full Moon to do the inner work together. Think of La Luna Circle as your spiritual gym - a place you come to every two weeks to faciliate and support any inner shifts you are currently going through. It gives you the accountability you need to start a new shift in your spiritual practicies. It gives you the confidence you need to create ritual with ease.



What it includes: 

☽ a safe and sacred online space to unravely our inner being

☽ healing group sessions includes shamanic inner journeys, energy cleanses, medicine movement

☽ a place to learn about the elements based on shamanism, the lunar phases and astrology

☽ access to a community of like-minded women 

☽ online Moon Gatherings every New Moon

☽ in person Full Moon Gatherings in Zurich

☽ welcome package sent to your home*

☽ massive amount of value for a special price 

☽ connection and exchange with fellow Moon Sisters

☽ access to my prerecorded online course, Moon Magic

☽ access to my online course, Immersion into the 4 Elements

☽ access to my online course, Mujer Luna

☽ online masterclasses every other month

☽ access to the archive of past workshops, videos and content


Energy exchange plans: 

55 CHF monthly (cancel anytime end of the month) 

555 CHF yearly membership* (and save up to 160 CHF)

777 CHF Wheel of the Year: yearly membership* and Seasonal Journeys (save up to 218 CHF)

Monthly Membership: 


You receive: 


access to online New Moon and in person Full Moon Circles

☽ my New Moon and Full Moon journals (digital)

 access to our online community

☽ access to additional content online & replays of past workshops

☽ online masterclasses every other month

☽ be the first to know about any new offers, courses, workshops

☽ a tribe of spiritual women and a place to come as you are

☽ access to my online courses, Moon Magic, Mujer Luna and Immersion into the 4 Elements


Yearly Membership: 


You receive in addition to the above:  


 a Moon Ritual Package sent to your home (crystal, smudge stick, affirmation card, shell)

☽ a massive discount for so much value (save up to 160 CHF)

☽ a lunar year (13-moon cycles) worth of group healing sessions

Wheel of the Year:

You receive in addition to the above:


5 additional ceremonies of the Seasonal Journeys (every equinox, solstice and Samhain)

Why the Moon?  

The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings. As the moon appears to be completely empty in the sky. It marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Every new moon there is a fertile energy to create intention around what we desire to manifest.

The Full Moon symoblizes harvest, abundance, the Mother energy. It is a time to shed layers, become clear of limiting patterns, as Mama Luna brings everything to light that has been hidden in the surface.

The moon represents intuition. It is the gatekeeper to our inner wisdom. Through ritual, positive intention and tapping into the moon energy, we will access our own intuition. 


Women are Lunar Beings 

As the moon, us women too, share a cycle of our own. Similar to the lunar cycle, it goes about 29 days and we go through 4 main phases as we wax and wane. We, too, are forever changing, as the Mama Luna. The ebb and flow is to be found everywhere in life. This work is about coming back to the inner knowing that the ebb is just as important as the flow.

The Healing Space of the Women's Circle

Holding space for women is healing and magical, which is what we strive to celebrate in our online tribe for women. It is an ancient practice, the one of gathering with women. In circle, women would share their wisdom, have rites of passages, and hold one another. Tribes originally did the healing work in groups believing that one can not be healed without the whole being healed.

La Luna Circle is a safe space to exchange, be and share. Always honoring each other and the individual journey each one of us are are on. 


pay monthly for our biweekly online moon ceremonies

energetic exchange:

55 CHF


pay yearly and receive a massive discount for our biweekly online moon ceremonies and more

energetic exchange:

555 CHF

Wheel of the Year


pay for both one year of La Luna Circle and Seasonal Journeys

energetic exchange:

777 CHF



My name is Inés Kelly, astrologer and space holder. I am here to guide you in your own healing journey and create empowering rituals in your every day life.


Soul Sister Love

For a while now my soul has been craving to gather in community with like-minded women. I found Inés sometime ago and I finally answered the call to join her circles.  It has been such a beautiful experience thus far and is really a space that is so beautifully held for us to come together as sisters and experience the abundance that life has to offer. Inés has such a gentle way about her and immediately I could feel the genuine love that she holds for the women in her circles.  One of my favorite moments in each of the circles is the shamanic practice where Inés guides us through. There is always a message, an affirmation, a layer unveiled in this practice and I’m so thankful after every La Luna circle that I am part of such an amazing community of women. Every month it is so intriguing to hear about how we can come into relation with the phases of the moon and instead of going against nature, we can thrive if we are aware of the energy that is behind the current phase.

- Allina L.

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