• one-time moon pass

    valid for one online Moon Ceremony
    Valid for one week
    • buy one pass and enjoy our online circle for an evening
  • monthly plan ❍

    Every month
    join La Luna Circle and pay monthly
    • ❍ new moon and full moon online ceremonies
    • ❍ access to our online platform and chat
    • ❍ set intentions and release any blocks with the moon
    • ❍ receive an one-time 50% discount for the online shop
    • ❍ receive 20% off in-person ceremonies
    • ❍ be part of a sacred online tribe of sovereign women
    • ❍ invite a friend for free
  • yearly plan ❍

    Every year
    save up and pay for a 1-year membership
    • ❍ pay 27.75 CHF instead of 39 CHF per month
    • ❍ receive access to our online platform and chat
    • ❍ biweekly online ceremony every New Moon and Full Moon
    • ❍ be part of a sovereign online tribe of spiritual women
    • ❍ receive a ritual kit as a welcome package
    • ❍ benefit from discounts as a yearly member
    • ❍ invite a friend 1x for free
    • ❍ receive free access to my online course, Moon Magic
    • ❍ receive access to my course, Immersions into the 4 Element
  • Seasons Journey

    journeying the seasons ✦ online
    Valid for one year
    • ✦ includes all 5 online ceremonies
    • ✦ recordings provided
    • ✦ learn about every season we transition to
    • ✦ set intentions every season in ceremony
    • ✦ learn about the feminine archetypes
  • Seasons Journey

    journeying the seasons ✦ in person gatherings
    Valid for one year
    • ✦ in person gatherings and ceremonies every season
    • ✦ learn about the solstices, equinoxes and seasons
    • ✦ learn about the feminine archetypes
    • ✦ set intentions and become clear your intentions
    • ✦ bonus ceremony: Samhain Witches Circle

client love

"Thank you, love! So thankful for the circle and the inner knowing that lives within each of us. Thank you for being my spiritual midwife."