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two books that inspire living from the heart

Updated: May 10, 2023

Following your heart is a full time commitment. You’re either in or not.

A book or two could help inspire you to connect deeper on your journey.

Now these are not your typical self-help books. If you would want a book recommendation in that category, I could pick help you pick a few. Believe me, I’ve probably read them all. But I’d thought I’d take another approach with this book recommendation.

These two books have influenced my journey like no other. It shaped my perspective on what it felt like to lead a heartfelt life and what it meant to follow your intuition.

When I was at a phase in my life where my main preoccupation was finding myself. I even left a stable job at a big company to follow my heart. It led me to making Italy my home for while.

I thought the answers were inevitably outside of me. I thought finding the career and dream job would fulfill me. Little did I know that it’s not true.

If you can’t be happy with yourself right here and right now. Than you won’t be when you’ve landed the dream job. I mean, for a little while you’ll feel ecstatic, yes. But soon you’ll come back from cloud 9 and realize is that it?

These two treasures helped me enormously come back to myself, especially when I thought I was a lost cause. It inspired me that it’s never too late, to start living from a place of the heart.

☾ Letters to a Young Poet are letters written from Rainer Maria Rilke, a poet and author, to as you probably guessed it, a young poet, who was struggling to make a decision to follow his own heart.

☾ The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo is about a young sheep herder who gave up his sheep to follow his intuition which led him across the border to a foreign country where he met many characters on the way.

Of course self-help books are full of tricks and tips and the “how-to” but these give you more of an insight of how it “feels” to actually follow it.

I’ve read both books multiple times and are my absolute favorite forevermore. They encourage me to want to listen deeper inside of myself. And most importantly that it’s safe to trust myself.

Even if your heart led you somewhere you wouldn’t go back to today. That’s OK. Because everything is serving you for your highest good.

Believe you are capable of knowing the answers, to whatever you’re looking for.

Believe that you have everything you need right here and right now.

Believe that you’re enough exactly as you are.

Concentrate on what you do have and that is the now. This moment right here!

Trust your heart, always.

con mucho amor,

inés kelly


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