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Money Rituals

Updated: May 25, 2023

When it comes to money, it is about claiming your power back. We give so much power to money even though in essence it is neutral in energy. Money is what we make out of it. So, why are we afraid of money? Either of not having enough or of losing it even when we have it. Money is here to serve us.

money rituals

From journaling about my first ever experience with money to realizing that reflected my current money situation. To beginning the habit of checking my balance on my account regularly instead of ignorantly swiping away in the hope it would go through. Ritualizing the way I interact with money was a game changer for me.

We often tighten up our body when we make a payment or feel angry we have bills to pay. That constriction is saying something to the Universe. How can we open up to money and be ok with its fluctuation, instead of constrict into fear? For me, rituals have helped me to see money from a spiritual perspective and rather to bless my money, instead of feeling powerfless. This is of course easier said than done, and like everything else, a practice. But no matter how much was in my bank account, I would commit to the following rituals in order to communicate to the Universe: You can trust me with money.

Money rituals

  1. Check your account balance. Knowing how much you have is making you the powerful one instead of giving money so much power. So many of us are afraid to even look at our bank statements.

  2. Have a money date once a week or once a month. Light a candle, put on music you love, smudge your space, set an intention before sitting down to pay your bills and track your expenses. Make a mood out of it and commit to showing up regularly.

  3. Know how much your monthly costs are and how much you can effectively spend on food and entertainment every month. And how much you can spend guilt-free.

  4. Bless your money. Every time you spend money, check your balance or pay a bill, bless your money. There are many money mantras you can affirm at the moment. My favorite is: May this come back to me tenfold.

  5. Tidy your wallet and have only what you truly need in there. Get rid of the receipts, old tickets, cards, etc you never use. Loved the philosophy around this in the book, Happy Money by Ken Honda.

  6. Create a money altar at your desk or wherever you do your money rituals. Place a citrine crystal, a shell, a picture of Lakshmi (Vedic Goddess of Good Fortune) or other symbols for overflow and prosperity to invite abundance into your life.

  7. Diffuse wild orange, the oil of abundance to open your visceral senses to what is possible. Just the sight of orange makes us happy with its vibrant color. The smell can optimize your mood and open your eyes towards what is abundantly possible.

  8. Go deeper into your money story and mindset with help of these resources: Money Mindset. What really helped me was understanding my money story. Where do your beliefs around money stem from? What have you been conditioned to believe subconsciously? What was your first memory of money?

  9. Track unexpected and expected income or blessings from the Universe. Instead of focusing on where your money goes, focus also on what has been coming in. Have you received an unexpected payment from somewhere? Maybe you were invited for lunch. Make a monthly list of your “money love” and where you have been gifted by the Universe’s generosity. A ritual by Vienda Maria which is included in her Plannher.

  10. Declutter and create space for what you truly desire. Holding onto things that we don't even use anymore can generate stagnant energy. Clear energy by letting go of items, clothes, things that no longer serve you. A ritual that Tosha Silver goes deeper into in her book, It's Not Your Money.

Explore, experiment and commit to the money rituals that speak most to you. Know it takes a 40 day practice to create a new habit. There are countless abundance rituals to create - maybe there will be a part part two. For now, this is is a good start.

To your abundant life.

About the writer

Inés Kelly is a trauma-informed space holder and integral guide in Human Design, Gene Keys and astrology. Her multi-cultural background has gifted her with the insight of various rituals and traditions. Bringing the ancestral and the honoring of the natural cycles to the community is a deep value she holds.


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