how to release with the waning moon

the waning moon is probably the least known or recognized lunar phase there is. maybe it's very energetics make people want to repress it's hidden power and potential. there was a time when the waning moon was even condemned. for centuries, darkness was something that has been made to believe as evil. it is in reality the shadow of the feminine essence. the part of the feminine that the patriarchy has since tried to suppress. this has caused for the shadow effect of the fear of anything unknown, dark, divination, tarot, black cats and witches.

"Because our perceptions of the dark are filled with images of loss, pain, and suffering, we react with fear, panic, anxiety, confusion, depression and desperation whenever we go through the many dark phase periods in our lives. Often what we have known in the past no longer exists, and what is yet to come has not yet appeared." - Demetra George from The Mysteries of the Dark Moon

we are now reliving a new way to greet and meet the darkness. from a place of integration, grace and love. as darkness does not mean evil or bad. darkness is the shadow of the light and much can be learned from it.


for those who know me, know that i love my symbolism. the waning moon phase is equivalent to the season of fall, when nature also experiences release from the falling leaves and withering plants that are now going into a winter slumber. it represents our premenstrual phase of our women's cycle. it further represents transformation, endings, death. within the waning moon contains the energies of release, cleanse, and more of an inwards energy. due to the darkness in the night sky, our subconscious minds are more activated than usual. we might dream more than usual.

in darkness, we find the hidden potential for transformation and growth.

in the darkness, is where roots and seeds germinate.

in the darkness, is where we were conceived, in the wombs of our mother.

in the moments of darkness, is where we finally say - we are fed up and create for change!

phase to release and rejuvenate

the energetics of the waning moon is inviting us to release what has come up throughout this lunar cycle. maybe a certain pattern become apparent, something that is no longer serving us. it is a good time to cleanse our beings energetically and declutter our spaces to create for room physically. detoxes and inner cleanses are also supported by the waning moon energy, as energy is at its lowest, as are bodily functions.