how to stay grounded on the full moon

We often hear people saying they feel the Full Moon or say things like full moon vibes. All good - I do it too, obviously. However, let's check in to see - is it a way to resist feeling into our emotions and blame the full moon for our irrationality, and emotions we don't know how to deal with? Or are we truly tuning into the full moon energies?

The Full Moon is not meant to make you act all crazy or feel disorientated. It is here to show you where can you become more resilient to your emotions, grow into your intentions, notice the lessons and patterns and release accordingly.

This is your invitation from the Full Moon - to feel profoundly, deeply, completely.

The Full Moon represents in all it's glory:

☾ the season of summer

☾ ovulation in our menstrual cycle

☾ intuition, emotions, divination

☾ peak of our lunar cycle

☾ celebration, social gatherings (more of an outward energy)

☾ yang phase

☾ abundance, harvest - reaping the fruits of our labor.

In my experience working with the moon, at first I felt the inner turbulence being ignited on days like during the mercury retrograde and Full Moon nights. However, now over time, I feel like the up's and down's of my emotional turbulence has settled into less of a yo-yo effect and more into gentle waves crashing in and out like the low tides at the beach in the early morning.

As soon as we acknowledge our emotions for what they are, tune in and give them space to be felt when they arise, instead of pushing them down, then the emotional overwhelm diminishes over time. This is coming from a person who used to have emotional overwhelm like once a month at least, when I felt the pressure build so much up, that I would eventually burst into tears crying my heart out and not fully understanding why.

I still have deeply felt emotions, however, something has shifted. When I feel the need to cry, I cry. I don't hold back anymore. Just like any other emotion that might come up, I honor it for what it is, I don't attach a story to it, and just feel.

The Full Moon is known for it's unique ability to heightened our intuitive, psychic and emotional abilities.

We more deeper during nights like the Full Moon - cause literally everything is being brought to the LIGHT. In astrology, the opposition of two entities always cause for a conflicting and challenging energy, which is what is happening with the Sun and the Moon being on opposite sides of each other.

Here are some my ways to ground my energy on the Full Moon:

let your emotions flow - when you feel sadness come up, feel sad. when you feel anger arise, be angry. let your rage, sadness, fear be spiritual and sacred just as much as the "positive" emotions. just feel, without attaching any stories or resisting our emotions. befriend your emotions in that moment and allow them to flow through you. just like the word itself says - e-motion: in motion.

ground your energy - when you are feeling overly emotional and scattered, it's time to move your body. drop from your head space back into your body and give your body a good SHAKE. this is what animals do, as soon as they feel threatened. so should we! give your body a good shake, the more we connect with our body, the more we will connect with our emotions. lay down on the ground afterwards and visualize how roots are growing from your back. just be with your body while you ground your physical being into the ground (literally).

acknowledge your emotions for what they are - your emotions are your spiritual guides. they are here to show you the way back to wholeness. repressing our emotions and distracting ourselves only builds for more layers of emotions on top that we need to later peel away. guilt, shame, and this sense of "why am i not doing this better by now" starts to play into our minds. stop it right there, and give room for your emotions. in moments where a certain challenging emotion stirs up, say to yourself: "i validate you, i acknowledge you for what you are, and I am here with you". repeat if needed. i like to put a hand over my heart while reciting that to myself in that moment.

ask yourself how you are feeling - anytime you remember, check in with yourself. you do with your friends and loved ones. what about the person who is closest to you - meaning YOU. Honor your presence just like you would anyone else. ask yourself, how am i really feeling and tune in? Be open for what comes up in that moment, again practicing non-judgement.

Let's recap - our emotions are our guides, our bodies connect us to our emotions like no other. It is a blessing to be able to feel as deep as the ocean, even in the turbulent phases, when we feel like we are dwelling so hard that we will never see the other. Trust me - the other side is there. And on the other side is magic.

Drop a comment below and let me know what resonated the most with you. I would love to hear from you!

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