my intuitive path

Our journeys can tell so much about who we have become, and why. I believe that our deepest passions and desires can already be traced back to our childhood and who we naturally embodied as a child. Back then we had little filter, and were naturally drawn to interests without wanting to get anything out of it really besides pure pleasure and joy. When I look back at to my story, I feel like it all makes sense.

I was born in Lima, Peru to a Peruvian fiery Aries mother and a dependable Capricorn Swiss father. When I was 2 years old, we moved to the US. There I had the pleasure to live in a quiet neighbor surrounded by a small forest. My favorite things to do as a child was read, learn about animals, and dream.

Ever since my childhood, I had vivid dreams of witches and ghosts, who would visit me in the night. I was never afraid though. They were my friends, as was nature. I felt a deep connection to any living being, be it a tree, cat, or plant.

Ever since 7 years old, I have been journaling my heart out, which has transitioned into a blog about voicing my deepest thoughts and desires. Later I began a dream journaled and almost religiously would interpret my dreams every day until my early twenties.

It was my deep unhappiness and frustration I felt in my early 20's that drove me to leave my stable office job, one that others would refer to as a "dream job" to follow my heart. I was on a mission to find my purpose and passion in life.

It was when I was 23 years old, I moved to Milan, Italy to make my way in the fashion industry. To only realize that my path was not in fashion. Books started appear left and right on self-development. That was when spiritual teachings from Osho, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra came into my life.