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powerful days to create ritual

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

ritual can be in reality done any time. either to start your day with burning sage, setting an intention or breathing into your womb. there is definitely no "right" time to create ritual. it is about making it a beautiful embodied routine. that is what differiantes ritual to ceremony.

ritual versus ceremony

ceremony is bascially an elaborate ritual that is typically done in a group of community. however can also be done alone.

ritual is a moment in time, an intention, lighting a candle, burning incense, or anything else that requires little to no effort. however has the magick to bring you back into this very moment and into your body.

everything is energy

although i emphasized there is no specific time to create ritual, there are certain days that doing one can be especially well-received energetically and absorbed by the universe.

energetically speaking, every day of the week holds another vibration, every planet influences over our life's differently, even when the moon ebbs and flows through her various phases, all holding a different frequency to work with. equally influencing us, just as much, on an individual level or as a collective.

rites of passage

on days like these, you can take the time to honor these rites of passage in time. when a transition of the seasons occur, or when the moon has reached a certain size that marks a new phase, or even your birthday. you can additionally celebrate a person rite of passage, when you start a new job, move into a new home, leave an old home, end a relationship, and so forth.

celebrating any or every rite of passage re-lives this magick our ancient ancestors once lived, which was very much in co-harmony with nature and it's rhythms. the more we align our own energy to the more of nature, the more we will be able to feel into our bodies. we will understand the cyclical nature of our own life and body.

as an example, it is now currently winter and the need for rest is a natural side-product of the cold. it is completely natural for us to feel more tired than usual and to want to seclude ourselves in the comfort of our homes. honoring this feeling, when it comes up, understanding you are tuning into the current season will become a natural part of your life. no more will you feel the need to be any different, and push yourself to all these social events around christmas, even when you are not up for it.

here is a list of dates to create ritual:

☽ Twilight

☽ Dawn

☽ Dusk

☽ New Moon

☽ Full Moon

☽ First Quarter Moon

☽ Third Quarter Moon

☽ Solstices (summer & winter)

☽ Equinox (autumn & spring)

☽ Birthday

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and let me know what was your biggest takeaway? and if you are interested in all things rituals, then do check out my podcast, la luna eres tu, for more ritual inspired living.

todo mi amor,

inés kelly

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