how to create ritual

"the word ritual comes from the sanskrit root word rtu meaning menstrual blood. the first shamans were female, and menstruation was the original shamanic journey." - Womb Awakening

as you can see rituals have been part of our lives way long before the new age spiritualism made it trendy again. we create ritual without maybe even realizing it.

when you blow out your candles of your birthday cake and make a wish - you are creating ritual. when your mother used to rub gently her hand over you boo-boo to make it go away - that is ritual. when we bring in our home pumpkins for halloween- that is ritual. 

we can use every day life as symbols to create intuitive rituals. 

one common misconception of rituals is that it needs to be some one-hour elaborate ritual of doing all the things. look - if that is your thing, then go ahead by all means. however, for people who live in the hustle and bustle of every day life, who have a full-time job or are parents, i would recommend to keep it simple. the simpler it is the more you will be keen on actually doing ritual. doing simple rituals can be extremely effective when done with intentionality. 

rituals are a beautiful reminder of the only thing that truly exists - which is the present moment. she brings us back to the now and connects us with ourselves. it is a highly feminine practice that we can bring into our otherwise rather masculine society. 

a ritual can be as simple as you burning essence and setting an intention. slowing down the pace of time, breathing mindfully, and sending out a desire or wish to the universe. bringing your awareness of where you are at now and honoring that space. 

a ritual can be as simple as you being drawn intuitively to pull a card. placing your oracle cards on the bed, spreading them out, breathing in and out deeply while asking the universe or your guides for answers, before pulling a card slowly from the deck. 

a ritual can be as simple as tuning into your heart space. tapping onto your heart to let it know you are there. asking her - how do you feel now? what do you need? how can we connect further? 

a ritual can be as simple as you turning on a song, and dancing intuitively to the beat, letting your body speak its own universal language translating the movements somatic healing and unblocking of energy. 

a ritual can be as simple as you sitting down in a quiet space to journal out your intentions for the week/day/month and connecting on a deeper level to yourself. 

a ritual can be you standing in front your sacred space/moon altar and lighting a candle. honoring your space, sending it light, love and beautiful intentions. you merely activating that space day in and day out celebrating everything you have already now. 

i hope you are beginning to see how simple ritual can be. and to see the beauty of the simplicity. you do not need much but a candle. now let us know get carried away with spiritual consumerism that we need all the things, i.e. crystals, oracle cards, palo santo and more. i have caught myself in the trap too. it could possibly be another way of telling ourselves we are not enough as we are, that we need things to create magic or another form of procrastination to not connect with ourselves. 

light a candle, create an intention and you have created ritual. simple as that. 

in further posts, i will gladly go into more specific rituals, such as ritual to honor our ancestors on samhain and ritual for our sacred blood. 

photos by Neli