rituals for winter solstice

what is winter solstice

winter solstice, also known as yule in pagan traditions is a celebration to honor the shortest day of the year and longest night. during these festivities trees were honored. typcially a tree was decorated outdoors, and a bonfire to honor the rebirth of new beginnings. people gathered around the bonfire and tree to sing songs and burn holly. a piece of log was saved to start the new year's fire symbolizing continuity. gifts were offered during this time. as you might have picked up on - something we typically do in christmas traditions.

it is when the sun slowly returns in the northern hemisphere. something that will unnoticed for months. as in nature, there is never rush, and everything is restored with time and pace. the light returns into our lives especially during these darkest nights of the year, also known as the 12 Sacred Nights. Learn more about the 12 Nights in my upcoming mini course - a ritual guide for you during these dark nights.

this year the winter solstice is on the 21/12 - 22/12/2020, which happens to also be the first quarter moon in aries. a time to take those action-steps towards with enthusiasm and passion in our hearts. working with the fire element on this moon enables you to hone in the current energy of the moon.

create ritual on winter solstice

some days that mark a stronger energetic pole create for effective rituals. the energy is already in the air, and therefore, supported. taking time to create ritual on the winter solstice is a way to honor the dark season of winter.

creating ritual is honor what is and releasing what isn't. it brings in intentionality and sacrednes into your every day life and into our homes. it is also a beautiful way to bring community together to create such ritual together.

our ancient ancestors understood and respected the cycles, transitions, and seasons and the interconnectedness of the web of life.

how i like to create ritual

on days such as the winter solstice, i like to take a moment to reflect and journal before creating ritual. it represents for me like an anchor in time to not only give myself a moment to reflect on what was but on what i would like to have come.

here are some journaling questions for the winter solstice

☾ what has the winter brought in lessons?

☾ do i resist the dark and stillness?

☾ how can i embrace the dark periods in my life with more love and compassion?

☾ how are ways i can honor the cold and dark season of winter?

☾ what are my intentions for winter solstice and the rest of the winter season ahead?

☾ what are some obstacles that might stand in the way of these intentions?

☾ what enlightened action steps can i take towards my intentions?

winter solstice rituals

ritual is intuitive. therefore, i will always encourage you to do ritual that comes and speaks to your heart. it should feel right to you. when you follow your intuition, then you will be surprised, how things flow naturally and that you might already have a lot of undiscovered sides of your ritual making that is waiting to come out. nevertheless, i am here to inspire your ritual creation and offer support where i can.

here are some ways to create ritual on a day/winter solstice:

sacred space

adorn your sacred space/moon altar with objects/plants/etc that represent winter. light an incense and let it burn. light a candle and let it burn out along with it. place your journal list at your altar and leave it there during the winter solstice days.