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Sacred Moon Blood Ritual

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Our menstrual cycle is a gift. Being a woman is a gift. Our blood is a symbol of fertility and health. The Sacred Moon Blood Ritual is a way to honor this time of the month. Instead of condeming our moon blood as a nuisance.

Many of us did not receive a rite of passage into menarche. With the sight of your first bleed, you get tampons shoved your way and you are left alone to figure out how this menstruation thing works. If we are so lucky (in this society we live in), we might even get an explanation about our menstrual cycle and phases from a scientific perspective. Basically a crash course to not get knocked up. Most of us were directly transmitted this hush-hush energy of don't speak about it cause it's gross.

What happens is that many women begin to look as their period as a pain, something to dread. Rarely attuned to the cyclical nature of our body, we just deal with it and are oftentimes surprised how our bleed arrives out of the blue with the notion: "Oh it's that time of the month again". We stick a tampon in it and carry on, ignoring that the menstrual cramps might be a sign to slow down or that the migranes around your bleed are maybe not normal. We normally end up not paying much attention to our menstrual cycle until we want to become pregnant.

We have been programmed to be disconnected from our bodies and sexuality.

There is another way:

  • A way to reconnect with yourself, like never before. 

  • A way to reconnect with the energies around you, like never before. 

  • All through the power of your menstrual cycle. 

Our menstruation is a passageway and portal into the otherly realms. Into the realm where our bodies are celebrated, our blood sacred and our menstrual cycle an inner spiritual journey. It gives us permission and compassion for the different phases we flow through month after month. We can begin to relish in the fact that we are very different than to our male counterparts and our systems in society were not built for the feminine cycles but for the solar ones symbolizing the masculine cycle.

When we are our on bleed, our crown is completely open to channel information from the Universe like no other time. It is why meditation might even come easier to us during our moon time (aka menstruation). Our ancient ancestors would retreat to so called Moon or Red Tents on the New Moon to commune with bleeding women, receive visions and give their moon blood back to the Earth as an offering of fertility.

Our cycle was designed to flow. If we do not allow our cycle to flow, we block ourselves, feel disconnected to the Universe and especially, ourselves. 

Reconnect and cultivate your inner wisdom and the wisdom of the Great Mother Earth by giving your blood as an offering. Every menstruation is a new opportunity for us to begin again with new energy and a new intention.

This was a common practice for our ancestors to do, as they knew the importance their menstrual blood had to offer the Earth in terms of fertility of the soil, the neural networks of the trees and the ancient memory of the rocks (Womb Wisdom). 

Every living organism on this planet has its own intelligence. connect yours with the on of Earth with the Sacred Moon Blood Ritual: 

  1. Collect your moon blood through either your moon cup or menstrual clothes to be soaked in water. 

  2. Place red rose petals and water to mix with your moon blood.

  3. Sing an incantation to it or recite a blessing or your intention for the new menstrual cycle.

  4. Find a place in nature where you feel especially called to offer your moon blood back to Earth. Maybe its a rosemary plant you often take its medicinal herbs from. Or your houseplants.

  5. Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your womb and tune into to her powerful presence 

  6. Recite: "May it be rooted in the earth and birthed through the womb"

  7. Pour your blessed moon blood into the earth. 

Repeat this ritual every cycle instead of flushing your moon blood down the toilet. Tune into your intuition each cycle anewed and let yourself be guided from within.

shamanic healer

About the writer

Inés Kelly is a trauma-informed space holder and integral guide of Human Design, Gene Keys and astrology.

Lover of all things cycles: lunar, menstrual, astrological, seasonal and ceremonial.

Her multi-cultural upbringing gave her the insight to various rituals and traditions. Bringing the community together to honor rites of passages and the transition to the seasons is one of her deepest values.


Carol Randall
Carol Randall

This is soul beautiful! Thank you for sharing Godis.

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