sacred moon blood ritual

our menstrual cycle is a gift. being a woman is a gift. it is actually THE gift to have, as it connects us with universal wisdom beyond we can even imagine. unfortunately many cant even, since this is not something we are taught. 

we learn about the practical aspects of our period, using a tampon, etc. or about the different during sex education at school from a more scientific perspective. many women even look as their period as a pain, something to dread. we normally don't pay much attention to it until we want to become pregnant.

suddenly sometime throughout the month you realize, oh i got my period. it comes almost out of the blue - we are that disconnected. 

there is however another way. 

a way to reconnect with yourself, like never before. 

a way to reconnect with the energies around you, like never before. 

all through the power of your menstrual cycle and blood. 

in this article, i will speak on one very specific, yet easy ritual to create. 

the thing is that when we are bleeding our crown is completely open. we are channeling information from the universe like never before. it is why meditation might even come easier to us during our moon time (aka menstruation). 

however - our cycle must be able to flow like everything in life. we do not allow our cycle to flow, we block ourselves, we feel disconnected to life, the universe and ourselves. 

connect with your wisdom and the wisdom of the Earth by reconnecting your energies by giving your blood back as an offering. 

this was a common practice for our ancestors to do, as they knew the importance their menstrual blood had to offer the Earth in terms of fertility of the soil, the neural networks of the trees and the ancient memory of the rocks (Womb Wisdom). 

every living organism on this planet has its own intelligence. connect yours with the on of Earth with the Sacred Moon Blood Ritual

  1. collect your moon blood through either your menstrual cup or menstrual clothes to be soaked in water 

  2. place red rose petals and water to mix with your moon blood

  3. sing to it/recite a blessing or your intention

  4. find a sacred place in nature where you feel especially called to offer your moon blood 

  5. close your eyes and breathe deeply into your womb and tune into to her powerful presence 

  6. recite: "may it be rooted in the earth and birthed through the womb"

  7. pour your blessed moon blood into the earth. 

repeat this ritual every cycle. do not just throw away your moon blood in the toilet. it is too sacred for it to be wasted. optional would be to also offer your moon blood to your houseplants instead to nature. tune into your intuition and what feels right for you! 

join one of my Moon Caves - in person or online - to learn more about the magick of your cycle from a spiritual and energetic perspective. 


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