spring equinox ritual

the return of spring - signs of rebirth are surrounding us slowly as we emerge from our winter state, still rubbing our eyes to awaken to the new raising energies around us.

the spring equinox marks the return of spring. the beginning of a new phase, a new cycle.

you might feel the sudden urge for a detox, to declutter your home, or do spring cleaning. this all goes along with the energy of making space for the new to fully enter and expand in its place.

named after the German Goddess, Eostre, this day marks the retun of the light. winter is now officially over. a major sign of fertility bringing with it a symbol of rabbits, eggs and chicks. flowers are another big symbol for this time. the new budding of life. spring cleaning, bringing in flowers into your home or altar, planting seeds, or having creative brainstorm sessions for future projects are all beautiful things you can do on this day.

in the northern hemisphere we celebrate spring equinox on usually between the 20-22th of March, whereas in the south they are welcoming the polar opposite energy of autumn.

the sun is returning north, crossing the equator line.

this year of 2021, we celebrate spring equinox on sat, 20th of march. the moon will be waxing, reaching almost first quarter on sunday. it will be in the astrological sign of Gemini.

photo: Nilafour

here is a ritual for you to create this spring equinox:

decorate your home with spring flowers such as tulips, daffodil, primroses, or choose a flower that is calling your attention. by bringing in flowers you are inviting this fresh energy to immerge into your home.

create a list of your desires for this spring - what seeds are you planting this spring? another option would be to actually plant seeds in pots, your garden or balcony and infusing each seed with your intentions.

place your intention list at your altar, with you flowers. decorate your altar with futher symbolism that represent what you are calling in. a feather for lightness, yellow candles for happiness, royal blue for cutting cords of the past, red for passion, and so forth. i speak about this in more in detail how to decorate your altar in my online course, Moon Magic.

connect with the air element of Gemini. take a moment to meditate and breath deeply into this space, letting your body arrive fully into the sensations and emotions you are desiring to ignite through your intentions. the easiest way to connect with the air element, and to bring in more of that curious, communiative, innovative energy is through breath.

optional: give your space a spiritual cleanse by cleaning your home with salt, lemon essential oils, (moon)water. wipe down the floors with these mixture, bless it while you are cleaning, knowing that you are clearing the path from the past, and starting anew.

let me know in the comments below, what ritual will you be creating this spring equinox?

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