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The Business Love List

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Although I am not a business coach whatsoever, I often receive questions about how I do business. As a Capricorn Ascendant (28 degrees), I have steadily been climbing that metaphorical mountain in business. Have I reached the top? No way. But I have learned a thing or two on the way. Of course I can only share from my own experience, and can not provide any personalized advice. With that said, here is my love list when it comes to business. So, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the tools I use and what I recommend.



Since starting my own business, seeing that I wanted to keep my costs as low as possible especially when I wasn’t earning much, I gravitated towards Wix websites. It is low budget and super easy to use when it comes to website building. Drop and drag is how I like it.

I started out with a free version to try it out and then upgraded quickly to have my own url visible. Nowadays I have Business Unlimited as a plan on Wix.

Booking calendar

With the plan I have on Wix, I can accept payments for group programs, events, products and services. I also use Calendly for people to book their podcast interviews and business calls with. I use Google Calendar, syncs up with my booking calendar on Wix, for when clients book with me directly or to send out event invites for La Luna Circle members. I would invest in a booking calendar only if you have enough clients. Otherwise scheduling old school is a money saver.


I have used the undated agenda, Plannher for over a year. There’s also tons of space to journal or use it as a notebook. Agenda and journal in one.

In 2023, I started using the Magic of I agenda. An agenda that includes all astrological transits, monthly themes based on the New and Full Moon. It’s one of my work rituals to sit down with my Magic of I agenda at the beginning of every week. I write down every session or plans for the week. There is also space to include tasks for the week as well as an intention for the week or month.

Online courses

Up to recently I was using Podia to sell online courses and masterclasses. There is also an integrated newsletter distribution system in Podia. Without the membership area, it’s quite affordable but the newsletter features are quite limited.


Started off with Mailchimp, moved to Podia after having my online courses hosted there, and now I am at aesthetically pleasing Flodesk. You can receive 50% off of Flodesk with this link.

Mailchimp has lots of features, but by no means does it compare to the beautifully designed Flodesk. Podia is very basic and you can do never little to change anything aesthetically, but it depends on the newsletter you would like to create.


I was hosting my episodes on SoundCloud. Recently I switched to Spotify Podcasters which is for free. You can upload videos or audios and add in the descriptions of the episodes including links. Practical to use and the transfer was smooth!

I record all episodes on GarageBand on my MacBook. Guest interviews on Zoom. I use a Trust GXT microphone to record solocasts.

Content Creation

I use Canva to design all content for Instagram, our newsletter, podcast covers and event banners. I used the free version for quite some time. Nowadays I pay monthly to have more features.

Just recently we started using Plannthat to schedule our content to be posted on Instagram and Pinterest. We have the paid version.

Online sessions, ceremonies and masterclasses

I have a monthly subscription with Zoom and record all sessions and events for the participants. Presentations I create and present with Canva.


I mainly use Instagram to externalize my message. To have a business account, you need to connect it with a Facebook business page. I also have my business listed on Google Business. We have been experimenting with Pinterest. I send out monthly newsletters and do regular podcast episodes. Consistency is key - find out what can you balance at the moment and commit.

When it comes to setting up your business, we might procrastinate the actual launch of the business, marketing (putting ourselves out there - yep, it's scary) or client acquisition. Because we think we need all the things! Business cards, flyers, a perfectly designed website, a logo, etc. Yet another certification. Honestly, you will never feel fully ready. We need to also externalize what we learn, not only aquire. Otherwise it remains stagnant energy. What a business needs for it to even be a business is clients, experience and happy testimonials.

Trust, take the leap, begin with what you got and you will learn and adapt so many things in your business along the way. It’s an ongoing learning process. Be open to it.

Walk bravely,

Inés Kelly

About the writer

Inés Kelly is a trauma-informed space holder and integral guide in Human Design, Gene Keys and astrology. Her multi-cultural background has gifted her with the insight of various rituals and traditions. Bringing the ancestral and the honoring of the natural cycles to the community is a deep value she holds.

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