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the dark moon phase

darkness is often associated with something almost evil. black candles, cats, witches, divination such as tarot, and so forth. this is the shadow of the feminine that the patriarchy left behind when came in the times where the feminine and all of her sacredness and divinity was repressed.

the outcome was fear of the dark, sexuality, and even death, as life was to believed to be linear. the cyclical ways of life was forgotten, and with it the connection to the lands.

life, death, rebirth, sexuality, and darkness all represents the feminine and all things cyclical.

her ability to die, many deaths within herself, and step into a new reality completely renewed with every cycle.

her ability to create and nurture life stemming from her sexuality. and where does life stem from? the darkness of our womb.

where does growth of plants occur? the darkness of under the earth and its soil.

darkness is not to be feared. it is to be celebrated for what it represents - the potential to be reborn anew. to have shed yet another layer. without darkness there would be no light.

darkness is a time of growth and transformation. and just like the dark moon phase when she goes completely dark in the night sky, this phase is one of renewal and regeneration.

i will be hosting my first healing moon ceremony in February on the dark moon phase. cleanse your energies before a new lunar cycle and experience a healing group session.

i am soul excited to be holding sacred space for you in a community gathering!

let me know - what is a ritual you like to create to cleanse and renew your energy before a new lunar cycle begins?

sending lunar bessings,

inés kelly


your lunar guide my name is inés kelly, spiritual coach, energy healer, and moon ceremonialist. i am here to guide you in your own healing journey and create empowering rituals in your every day life.


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