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The inner seasons we go through in life

Updated: Apr 19

Even in life we go through our own inner cycles separate from the lunar and menstrual cycle, yet surely influenced.

The cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth is to be found everywhere.

We ebb and flow through inner seasons of fall, winter, spring and summer in creative projects, inner transformations, healing journeys, motherhood, the list goes on.

No season is better than the other, inner or outer. It is always about honoring where you are currently at. Knowing that this, too, will shift.

the inner seasons we ebb and flow through in life

inner season of fall 🜄

When we feel a bigger transformation happening and we are in the midst of a transition, bridging one world to the other. A time of inner alchemy and magick.

inner season of winter 🜃

When we feel the deeper need to rest and integrate. When the desire to cultivate the light within in moments of darkness is present. When we feel the need to retreat and meet ourselves fully darkness and all.

inner season of spring 🜁

When we are vital with energy. Creative ideas are flowing. Seeds are ready to be planted. Ready to take action and birth those ideas into life. A season of productivity.

inner season of summer 🜂

When we feel the need to bring ideas that were birthed to society and merge our projects and ideas with others. A time to integrate the ideas that have been planted, nourished, grown, and indulge in the creativity fully. Moments of celebration for the abundance in life.


Many struggle the most in the seasons of unknowing, inner transformations, in the moments of darkness, rest and integration as this is not deemed as productive in society. However, what is not seen and fully understood is possibly that the productivity of said phases is happening on an inner level. Much more is happening on the inside than the out, and this is where the magic lies and remains dormant until revealed again.

This narrative is slowly shifting as we return to the medicine and wisdom of the cycle and embrace our current phases no matter where we are at.

About the writer

Lover of all things cycles: moon, menstrual, astrology, ritual. Anything cyclical that allows ourselves to flow at our own pace and time is medicine to me.

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