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The Sign of Aries

Aries, a fire sign, is the archetype of the Warrior, the Amazon, the leader and initiator. Ruled by Mars, Aries governs the head making it a head-strong and opinionated sign.

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Aries Season: 21 March - 19 April

The month of March is associated with the planet of initiative, drive, willpower and warriors, ruled by none other than the feisty, Mars. This energy initiates us into the beginning of spring, Aries season and a new astrological year.

Astrologically, the new year begins with Aries season when the energies in nature are slowly returning in the north. This makes a lot more sense than beginning our year in the middle of winter.

Where we went deeply inwards into a dream-like state during Pisces season, Aries brings the desire to go outwards, be loud and show ourselves. The season of Aries is the time to take action, connect with our willpower and drive. Physical activities will be revisited now during Aries season when we are feeling that drive come forth. The desire to move is more present during this time. That energy needs to circulate and come out.


Aries carries a deep belief, enthusiasm and stubbornness within them. This stubbornness might be equally their antidote to manifesting success or failure. They believe in their ideas and purpose so deeply, without allowing others to waver them from their path. However, stubbornness can amount to a deafness for other people’s feelings. Something to look out for. Counteracting the fiery nature of this fire element can be done with connecting to the water element for more compassion for others or earth element for more grounding into their bodies.


Known in astrology as a cardinal sign, they are the first of all twelve signs. Cardinal signs are the natural leaders and the first to initiate us into a new season. For example Aries initiates us into spring, Cancer into summer, Libra into autumn and Capricorn into winter.

Astrological House

Aries being the first of the twelve zodiac signs links it to the first house in astrology. This house represents the house of the self, identity, physical body, appearance and purpose. First House energy has a tendency to naturally shine but might have the tendency to gear towards vanity and self-centeredness at times.

Element of Fire

Being governed by the planet Mars, the planet of war and action, Aries is ready to fight for one’s beliefs. Yet what is worth fighting for is a valid question for Aries to ask. The element of fire is often ready to fight for what they believe in, yet sometimes this can create quarrels, drama and hastiness in words spoken that often make them want to run away afterwards.

Polar Opposite

Its polar opposite is the sign of Venusian and harmonious sign of Libra. Where Aries is concerned for the self, Libra strives for balanced partnerships. This duo shows us where we can step more into the polar opposite direction of its counterpart Libra and strive for more harmony.

Human Design

For me, Aries has a direct connection to the Manifestor energy type. The natural initiators, the innovators and movement creators in Human Design. Their defined throat gives them their manifesting powers to initiate their ideas into reality. They are here to lead a mission and movement guiding energy into a new direction. The founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, was an Aries and Manifestor and for me an example of this archetype's energy. He brought forth Human Design to the world.

Aries is here to initiate our energies in a way that we feel the urge, the impulse to take charge with so much enthusiasm and passion along with it. Aries is here to ignite that inner fire of passion, and to ask you: What are you wholeheartedly passionate about?

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About the writer

Inés Kelly is a trauma-informed space holder and integral guide in Human Design, Gene Keys and astrology. Her multi-cutlural background gave her access to various traditions and rituals. Bringing the community together to celebrate the natural cycles and the ancestral is a deep value she holds.


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