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The Sign of Taurus

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Taurus, the archetype of the Sensualist, embodies a grounding presence and is next in line after the fiery nature of Aries initiated us into spring. Naturally caring and reliable, Taurus gives us the feeling of safety and nurturing.

taurus astrology sign

Taurus Season: 20 April - 20 May

In Taurus season we experience grounding energy, stability, patience and the full bloom of spring. The celebration of Beltane occurs during this season when we celebrate the fertility of the earth. Much similar to the fertility that this sign holds with her Venusian energy she naturally eludes from her physical body. It is a time to experience your sensuality, indulge in your senses, come back into your body and allow pleasure to be your guide.


The symbol of the bull is the one for Taurus. Stubborn, fertile and a symbol of the feminine energy. Once worshiped by the matriarchy in the Age of Taurus when the fertility of the feminine essence was once praised.

Resilient, devoted and reliable is the bull. Yet resistant to change can also be an equal part of her reality at times. Stability on all levels is of upmost importance for the health of Taurus.

Ruling Planet

Ruled by the planet of Venus, Taurus represents luxury, beauty and inspires to activate all the senses through pleasure. A tendency of overindulgence might come into play with this sign. Also there is a strong need for stability with resources and finances. The tendency to treat one's significant other, family members or friends with possessiveness in a controlling nature is a shadow of this archetype.

Second House

Connected to the second house in astrology which represents our assets, finances, values, structure and possessions. It governs the material plane of needs and resources. Which is closely related to the earth element that is linked to this sign.


Taurus is known as a fixed sign in astrology. There are three different modalities. Cardinal being the initiator and leader archetype. Fixed is the loyal, persistent energy that desires to nurture, sustain and preserve values.

We experience the fixed sign energies in the middle of a season when we have gotten used to the energy. For example, we have Taurus in the middle of spring, Leo in the middle of summer, Scorpio in the middle of autumn and Aquarius in the middle of winter. Being a fixed sign means they are not always a friend of change but rather like to nurture what already exists.

Element of Earth

As the soil of earth itself, it takes time to reek the harvest from the planted seeds. The earth element shows us how good things take time, to enjoy the present moment and savour what we have right in front of us with all of our senses.

The element of pleasure, slowness, resilience, sturdiness, patience and the tangible, material world. Taurus embodies the wisdom of the earth through her vessel. The physical body and structure is made of the earth element which Taurus is so closely connected and linked to.

Human Design

The Gate 27 is a good representation of the energy of Taurus. The Gate that upholds the values and perservation of the tribe. A part of the Channel of Nurturing it can often put the values of the community before one's own health and wellbeing.

Taurus asks us: How can you connect with your physical being and come back into your body in a way that feels pleasurable for you?

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About the writer

Inés Kelly is a trauma-informed space holder and integral guide in Human Design, Gene Keys and astrology. Her multi-cultural background has gifted her with the insight of various rituals and traditions. Bringing the ancestral and the honoring of the natural cycles to the community is a deep value she holds.


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