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Venus in the Houses

Your Venus sign can tell you what you find pleasurable and enjoyable in life. It embodies what you love and find attractive. What you value in life or how you go about with money. It can say what kind of love you are seeking. In other words, your love language in romantic relationships and friendships.

Venus astrology

Venus is one of your personal planets that reveals more individual attributes of your personality. It is never too far away from your Sun sign. Understanding your Venus can help debunk further layers of your inner most being. Who are you in relationships and what did you come to experience in love?

The sign your natal Venus is in says what and how you love in life. The house it’s in gives it another flavor and shows in which area of life that your Venus will manifest in. Look up your Venus sign on or

Venus in the Houses

The area of life that love, value, beauty will be lived out

First House Considerable charm and a compelling need to relate to a partner and to love and be loved

Second House Increased Venus influence, aesthetic of great importance material security, great love for beauty

Third House Ability to communicate sympathetically, close relations, intellectual challenge, socializing is of great pleasure

Fourth House Home is a beautiful and safe haven, love of the immediate family enhanced, identification with the Mother

Fifth House Appreciation for the arts, creative ability for music, fashion, design or painting, puts loved ones on a pedestal

Sixth House Steady routine is valued, rituals, being of service to others, interest in therapy, constructive criticism

Seventh House Increased Venus influence, the need to share life with a partner is present, identity merges with the partner

Eighth House Intensity of individual's emotions and passions, sex life, enhanced intuition, inheritance or flair for investment

Ninth House Great love for travel, foreign countries, ideal partner from another culture or settle abroad, idealism

Tenth House Good relationships with work colleagues, working in a team, great pride in profession and finances

Eleventh House Friendships, large number of acquaintances, part of a social group of a particular interest, the oddball

Twelvth House Secrecy in relationships, shyness, difficulty to express emotions, tendencies to fantasize, overindulgence

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About the writer

Inés Kelly is a trauma-informed space holder and integral guide in Human Design and astrology. Her multi-cultural background has gifted her with the insight of various rituals and traditions. Bringing the ancestral and the honoring of the natural cycles to the community is a deep value she holds.

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