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what is sacred space

You might have heard me speak about sacred space before. What is sacred space you might ask.

I believe sacred space can be defined individually. For someone it might be a temple, church, or other place where spirtuality is practiced and absorbed.

For me, it holds little dogma, and is created by the individual and their current wishes, desires and needs.

A sacred space can be a corner of your home, where you burn incense as an act of presence. It can be a place where you burn a piece of paper to let something burdening go.

For some it is a designated area in your home where you create ritual, set intentions, burn essence, light candles, journal, do yoga and meditation.

For me I like to consider my entire home as a sacred space. A space where I do not bring in bad energy, however, is a place where energy is cleansed when needed, a space where energy is protected, and loved.

A space to be honored and treated as such.

When I speak of sacred space, I also refer to your (moon) altar. I use moon altar and sacred space interchangably.

In essence, it is where you create ritual and dive deeper into your personal spiritual practice, and create momentum for your intention.

I believe that the more you spend time creating ritual in your sacred space, the more you activate the energy in said space. When the energy is activated, it amplifies, and it's frequency gets picked up by the universal as it's already vibing high. This is why I recommend my clients to pick one space in your home, and create all your rituals there.

Of course this can change from time to time. I went through so many phases of my sacred space wondering from one room to another. However, it always remained for a time being until I felt the inner pull to another corner of the house. I never questioned this drive to change spaces, it was something I intuitively went with. I encourage you to do the same. Don't question the space you choose, let yourself be guided by your inner voice.

Nowadays, I have an entire room dedicated to my sacred space, where I have clients come, and where I do all of my spiritual practices these days.

Start simple and create sacred space by:

- cleansing your space by smudging it first

- burn incense every morning or evening to honor said space

- keep your manifestation list present there

- light a candle and let it burn out to activate the light there

- place your crystals and other spiritual items there

- and finally, let yourself be guided to how YOU would like to decorate, adorn and honor your sacred space.

Lastly, sacred space can be found as much within you, as without. If you are constantly on the move, or have little time to create ritual in the physical, then be there emotionally and spiritually. For that you always have a minute of your time to send beautiful intentions out into the universe and align your energies with what it is that you truly desire to create in your life.

I would love to see your sacred space, and hear from you: how do you create sacred space?


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