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8 Books on the Menstrual Cycle

Updated: May 10, 2023

This is an ode to the books that have crossed my path and have impacted the way I look at my womanhood. Books that have inspired me to connect with my feminine energy and cyclical nature.

You know how books sometimes cross your path? These are 8 books that crossed mine. Books covering the biology and mythology of the cycle.

1. The Book of Women by Osho 

My spiritual journey started when the books from Osho were put on my path as a young 18-year old. His rebellious approach to life, society and spirituality woke so much up within me. 

In this book, he speaks mostly about the different archetypes of women and life phases many women go through. An absolutely interesting read for anyone wanting to connect with their feminine energy further. 

2. Woman Code - Alissa Vitti 

As a young 23-year old, this was the next that was brought to my path recommended by Gabrielle Bernstein. I would watch her Vlog videos on YouTube almost religiously. I learned so much about Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality in this modern age thanks to her. She recommended this book that really intrigued me.

I have to be honest it took me a few years to get through the entire book. It would be one of those books that I would pick up, read a chapter and put back down until I had another question. I would keep it in my purse for months on end, in case I wanted to read on the way to the office or to meet friends.

Over the course of time I learned a lot from this book. Especially about nutrition and movement during every phase of our cycle. Her table of nutrition according to the 4 menstrual phases is gold.

This book is an amazing starting point for anyone completely new to the subject! 

I believe she also has an App and even a new book that recently came out called Flo. 

3. Optimized Woman - Miranda Gray (Red Moon) 

In my first pregnancy, back in 2015, I experienced my first womb blessing ceremony. I had a vision of myself under the full moon with my first born. He was still in my belly. It was a magical experience.

Miranda Gray is the creator of the international womb blessing. She wrote the book, Red Moon. Another must-read.

The Optimized Woman is another book by Miranda Gray that I absolutely LOVE. It really helps you understand what tasks your body and mind might be ready to tackle during each phase of our cycle. Describing day by day where to invest and devote your energy.

It helped me understand that I am never the same, and that some things come more naturally, i.e. communication and socializing than other times of our cycle can only be an asset to improve our life. 

4. Claire Baker - Period Coach

I discovered Claire Baker’s work after signing up for the Heartfelt Biz course by her and Vienda Maria. I absolutely adored her calling herself a Period Coach - something I have never heard of before back in 2019. 

I have read her e-book and audio book, Adore Your Cycle. Her wisdom and humor creating for an informative yet entertaining read. Another optimal starting point on your period journey. She has also so many online courses and other resources on her website! 

5. Women’s Body Women’s Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup 

The book written by the renowned gynecologist by Dr. Christiane Northrup is like a bible on women’s health. She covers so much basic knowledge and wisdom on how things work on a biological perspective. Also the client stories are so relatable and insightful to understand that many times our symptoms have a deeper meaning. Her holistic approach is admirable, something I put a lot of emphasis and importance on in my own approach in health matters. 

Her daughter, Kate Northrup had written an amazing book called Do Less. Another must-read! And maybe not noticeable on the first glimpse but it is also on the menstrual cycle. Like mother, like daughter.  

6. Womb Awakening by Azra Bertrand & Seren Bertrand

This book takes you on a shamanic journey of its own deep into the history and mythology of what the menstrual cycle was for our ancestors. It has deeply inspired the way I relate to my menstrual cycle.

To be transparent, I have not finished the entire book yet. Packed with wisdom, it is one of those heavy reads that needs space in between.

7. Wild power by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

There is so much I love about this book. Describing the passageway to menarche and tying a connection to our entrance into pregnancy made so much sense to me. It gave me another perspective of these transitory phases and what they innately mean. Instead of condemning them for what they are not. It described so much of what I intuitively felt and did not know how to put into words.

8. Mysteries of the Dark Moon by Demetra George

A book about the moon, Goddess archetypes and the rites of passages of menarche and menopause. It holds an allure of mystery, occult and mysticism. Like a deep remembrance of a burried truth of the past, it transports you into the world of stories of the ancients. This is not your typical book the menstrual cycle describing in detail the four phases. This is an ode to the mythological world we once left behind embedded with truth.

May these books spark a desire to journey deeper into your own cycle.


Inés Kelly

About the writer

Inés Kelly grew up in multi-cultural world giving her access to many traditions, where her affinity to rituals stem from. Her mission is to bring the community together to honor the cyclical nature. Thus honoring one's own cycle through life.

Today she guides women to the remembrance of the ancestral and of who they innately are through ceremony and soul readings.


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