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how to create a moon cave

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

the first 2-3 days of our menstrual bleeding is sacred. it is a passageway into a new cycle. i honor it as such by creating a so called moon cave, also referred to as a womb cave or red tent.

when we bleed, we are releasing all the impressions, energies, emotions, we have lived throughout the past month, even longer. the release is not only on a physical level that which is our womb lining.

during our moon, we might feel calmer than usual. easier to fall into a meditative state. we are more naturally inclined to go inwards and shut out the world around us.

we embody the new moon within us when we bleed. as the crone woman archetype. the wise woman.

as we sit in reflection during our moon, we might feel drawn to spending more time at home, which is completely natural. just like when we birth, even animals, seek a dark cozy spot, such as we seek the darkness.

creating a moon cave for yourself can be an act of love and respect for your body. when i mean create a moon cave, you don't need anything fancy, an actual tent or space.

all you need is your loving intention. let yourself be led by your intuition - what energy do you desire to cultivate for your moon time?

create your moon cave:

☾ purchase nourishing foods for your body during these days

☾ have inspiring books by your side

☾ play music that makes you feel all the feels

☾ say no to any social activities that you don't feel called to join

☾ make yourself less accessible (no phone calls or messages)

☾ sign off from social media for those days and focus on you

☾ journal and explore your inner world

☾ do whatever nourishes your soul

☾ take mineralizing baths to help with the detoxification process

☾ buy red roses to honor your red days

☾ do a rose meditation and look at in awe at her beauty which mirrors yours

☾ come together with girlfriends who are bleeding and talk, be, pull oracle cards

add to this list with something you love to do during your first few days of bleeding. do share in the comments below and let me know what it is.

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