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Menstruation Astrology: How to interpet the astrology of your moon bleed - episode 61

I share often on my Instagram when I bleed, with which moon and under which sign. It was requested for me to do an episode on how I interpret the astrology behind when I bleed.

In this solocast, I share about:

  • what it means when I receive my Moon on a Scorpio Waning Moon for example

  • how to greet your moon blood when it arrives

  • learn how to interpet what it means for you when your moon (menstruation) comes on a specific moon phase, under an astrological sign transiting one of the 12 houses.

If you do not know what this all means, no need to fret - I dig into that a bit deeper in this episode.

I love speaking about all things astrology with you! So, if you enjoy an astro talk just as much as me, than you will love this episode. Do share, review and like this episode to support the show.

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