full moon in aquarius

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

The first of two Full Moons in Aquarius. The beginning of the Leo season we will experience the first of the two when both the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius will be 1 degree. At the end of Leo season we will end it with the second full moon at both 29 degrees. The first Full Moon being on Sat, the 24th of July and the second on the Sun, the 22nd of August.

Full Moons in the beginning of a Sun season can feel less intense and are more an invitation to play with its energy. Whereas a Full Moon at the end of a season can feel more transformational, like things were waiting to be witnessed and are now ready to be transformed. Feel into the energies intuitively - how do you experience the Full Moon energy?

Knowing under which house your Aquarius is in, could show how the current lunar energies might be activating you and different aspects of your life.

For example, I have no planets except for the asteroid Juno under Aquarius in my chart. Both of which govern my second house which represents resources, possessions and finances. This could mean that these topics will be thematized for me this season.

Having Aquarius in your second house could mean that the way you make money is non-ordinary and somewhat unconventional, which is true, seeing that I am self-employed. The asteroid Juno says a lot about our commitment and marriage. Mine being in Aquarius again means that I need a lot of space and someone who can think out of the box. It is quite interesting that I have attracted the father of my children to be an Aquarius who understands my need for space and a lot of it.

Look up under Just Astrology Things to see where you have your Aquarius? This could reveal to you how the energies are currently playing out in your life.

the Full Moon

Every coin has two sides. Knowing this makes life a lot more interesting and dynamic. It reveals that to every upside there is a down and vice versa. This play in polarity is very present during the Full Moon. We are feeling the energies of both the astrological sign of the sun season and the astrological sign of the moon. In reality, what we are seeing on the Full Moon is the reflection of the sun. The solar energies are shedding light to the darkness, to whatever is the shadows.

Without darkness there would be no light.

time for shadow work

Seeing that both the solar and lunar energies are being strongly activated during the Full Moon, we can see where we are ready to grow, receive a new way of seeing things, how we can integrate what we have been keeping in the shadow unwilling to clearly acknowledge how it is making us play small.

Full Moon in Aquarius

This Full Moon we are being called to step into our full authenticity and expression of love for the collective and ourselves. The oppositional energy of the sun and the moon cause for energetic friction that collides, as tension was rising during the waxing moon phase. It is an energetic wave that can be experienced physically, emotionally, spiritually. How can we ride the waves of energy rising and the tension that we might feel along with it?

Surrender to what currently is. True acceptance of where you are currently at, even if you desire to be elsewhere in life. Only with acceptance will we be able to move the needle forward in ways that we deemed unimaginable. The more we focus on what is lacking in our current reality, the more we will remain stagnant in our path.