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full moon in aquarius

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

The first of two Full Moons in Aquarius. The beginning of the Leo season we will experience the first of the two when both the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius will be 1 degree. At the end of Leo season we will end it with the second full moon at both 29 degrees. The first Full Moon being on Sat, the 24th of July and the second on the Sun, the 22nd of August.

Full Moons in the beginning of a Sun season can feel less intense and are more an invitation to play with its energy. Whereas a Full Moon at the end of a season can feel more transformational, like things were waiting to be witnessed and are now ready to be transformed. Feel into the energies intuitively - how do you experience the Full Moon energy?

Knowing under which house your Aquarius is in, could show how the current lunar energies might be activating you and different aspects of your life.

For example, I have no planets except for the asteroid Juno under Aquarius in my chart. Both of which govern my second house which represents resources, possessions and finances. This could mean that these topics will be thematized for me this season.

Having Aquarius in your second house could mean that the way you make money is non-ordinary and somewhat unconventional, which is true, seeing that I am self-employed. The asteroid Juno says a lot about our commitment and marriage. Mine being in Aquarius again means that I need a lot of space and someone who can think out of the box. It is quite interesting that I have attracted the father of my children to be an Aquarius who understands my need for space and a lot of it.

Look up under Just Astrology Things to see where you have your Aquarius? This could reveal to you how the energies are currently playing out in your life.

the Full Moon

Every coin has two sides. Knowing this makes life a lot more interesting and dynamic. It reveals that to every upside there is a down and vice versa. This play in polarity is very present during the Full Moon. We are feeling the energies of both the astrological sign of the sun season and the astrological sign of the moon. In reality, what we are seeing on the Full Moon is the reflection of the sun. The solar energies are shedding light to the darkness, to whatever is the shadows.

Without darkness there would be no light.

time for shadow work

Seeing that both the solar and lunar energies are being strongly activated during the Full Moon, we can see where we are ready to grow, receive a new way of seeing things, how we can integrate what we have been keeping in the shadow unwilling to clearly acknowledge how it is making us play small.

Full Moon in Aquarius

This Full Moon we are being called to step into our full authenticity and expression of love for the collective and ourselves. The oppositional energy of the sun and the moon cause for energetic friction that collides, as tension was rising during the waxing moon phase. It is an energetic wave that can be experienced physically, emotionally, spiritually. How can we ride the waves of energy rising and the tension that we might feel along with it?

Surrender to what currently is. True acceptance of where you are currently at, even if you desire to be elsewhere in life. Only with acceptance will we be able to move the needle forward in ways that we deemed unimaginable. The more we focus on what is lacking in our current reality, the more we will remain stagnant in our path.

Begin to bask in the current momentum of your life - wherever that is. You will soon notice a shift and things won’t feel so stagnant anymore because the focus is more on what you love, what you are grateful for, and this will in return grow in your favor.

Aquarius shows us where we can grow as a collective. It represents our current consciousness. In shamanic cultures the web of life is something we are all contributing to through our thoughts, actions, words, energies, etc. There is no action or reaction that goes without being picked up vibrationally by the collective. When we focus on our own wellbeing, we are equally contributing to uplifting the collective energy. Self-care, self-love, inner healing is not selfish. It is not only a service for oneself, but to the whole. How can we expect to heal the world, if we ourselves are wounded and consistently do things from a place of self sacrifice? Understanding that there is enough for all is a vital message of Aquarius.

In shamanic cultures, when someone in the tribe was hurting, emotionally or spiritually, if someone for example stole, lied, betrayed, the whole tribe would gather. There was no judgement towards this individual. Because they knew if one was sick, the whole was sick. They would come together in ceremony, and heal as a collective and restore the imbalance that caused this to happen.

How we heal as an individual, is how we heal as a whole.

Leo shows us how we can love so deeply and unconditionally. Their loyal Lion hearts are committed to themselves and those they love. How can we access that immense generosity that each one of us has within? The capability to love the whole world, for not only who they are, but especially, if they represent something that we are not. I would love to see a world where we could have more compassion for one another, instead of sitting on our high horse of “I know it better and only my opinion is valid”. How can we see the other more as a lesson?

The more we can move away from separation from the whole and move towards being part of it, the more we will be able to live and breathe this reality of us being one. The more we will become conscious of our own actions and decisions. The less we will blame others for our shortcomings. The less projections we will have onto one another. The clearer we will be able to see each other for who we innately are - beings of infinite light and love. Even if our actions do not always reflect this. We are still human, after all. It is about being compassionate for one another, instead of pushing people away for not reaching our imaginary standards.

reflection questions

Here are some reflection questions to allow consciousness to crack you open and allow for light to be shed on the places that are ready:

♒︎ How am I hiding my true nature out of fear of being judged by others?

♒︎ How can I heal as an individual and contribute to the collective healing occuring on the planet?

♒︎ What societal systems are no longer working and would require an update in consciousness? How can I contribute to the change?

♒︎ How can I step more into my authenticity? Voice my opinions? Be more “me” on every level?

♒︎ How can I accept myself more for who I truly am and therefore accept others for who they are despite our differences?

♒︎ How can I celebrate myself and all my quirkiness more? Love myself fully?

shamanic moon ritual

Connect with your breath. That is the most shamanic and authentic way you can connect with not only the collective but with the element of air which represents Aquarius. Most people believe it is a water sign, quite the contrary.

Air signs require a lot of space, freedom of expression and means of communication. They are creators of art, music, and innovations. Lovers of the intellect and new ideas. Bringing visions of how we can move as a collective forward, do things differently, shake things up and let our freak flags fly!

Their individualists at the core, however, are deeply concerned and reflective about the collective from a fundamental place.

As you stand in front of your moon altar this Full Moon, smudge your space which also cleanses and elevates your vibration equally contributing to the collective. Be intentional with your breath. How are you breathing? Shallow, deep? Are your breaths equally deep on each exhalation and inhalation or merely concentrating on your breath in?

Breath, deeply at least 7 times, in and out, while reciting in your mind “I am one with the collective. When I heal, we all heal.”

Maybe while you breathe, you receive a vision of what you are ready to let go of this Full Moon. Speak to Mama Luna what you are ready to heal, fully shed light onto and love deeply.

Let’s explore the polarity of the Full Moon energies together! On the Full Moon in Aquarius, Saturday, the 24th of July we will be gathering in ceremony as a divine community of Women who are committed to the inner healing work.

Did you know that doing inner work in a group setting is super potent? The energy is amplified by every individual present. This is powerful. When women gather, we create magic.

Expect a shamanic inner journey, movement medicine, a tribe of spiritual women, astrology downloads and insights!


Inés Kelly x

Shamanic healer - moon ceremonialist

Lover of all things cycles: moon, menstrual, astrology, ritual.

Anything cyclical that allows ourselves to flow at our own pace and time is medicine to me.

This is why I created an online space for women to gather, dance, flow, be with the moon, one another and ourselves.

LA LUNA CIRCLE is your online membership, your spiritual gym so to say, that gives you a space to unravel your inner most being and connect with your feminine essence, balanced with your masculine energies, in a way that feels natural to you.


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