full moon in aries

Every Full Moon, we see two opposing astrological signs highlight the high and low vibrations of both entities. This challenging aspect creates for tension so that awareness and consciousness is ready to grow, transform and evolve.

Full Moon in Aries

full moon in aries

This Full Moon, on 20 October 2021, we are in the fiery sign of Aries, while the Sun is in harmonious Libra.

Aries rules over the first house of the Self. She is here to embody her mission in life and bring her passion to the world around her. Libra rules over the seventh house of relationships. She is here to embody what balance and harmonious relationships are and to bring justice and fairness for all.

Everyone has a dharma, in other words a purpose in life. It says who we are, and why you are here. Aries is here to remind us of our purpose.

You are here to remember who you innately are. Through the lessons in life, you experience your karma, that will manifest into your dharma. Make a practice out of giving meaning to your life now. Tune into your heart this Full Moon and ignite your fire within. Know you are here for a reason.

Something that isn't discussed often I believe is that our purpose doesn't always just fall into our lap. It might feel daunting for some. As if you are waiting for a prophecy to be received from up above. That we should somehow be born knowing what we are here to do. For some of us maybe this is the case. For the most of us, it is a journey of self-discovery and of embarking in the depth of our inner abyss.

Full Moon in Aries

Aries is here to share her mission, to make herself a priority. Where as Libra is all about relationships, and maintaining balance. On the outside they appear to be different however at the core, they complement each other. Aries asks us for a healthy dose of selfishness to take our own independent path, whereas Libra wants to share and merge with others. Our passion is a core essence of who we innately are, but what does it even mean if we do not share it with the world around us?

For some of us, it takes remembering, coming back to reconnect with our core essence. First learning life lessons, the karma we were meant to experience, before entering into our dharma. As both are so closely linked without us even realizing it sometimes.

When we are born, we have a mission to do on this earth, either big or small. Yet, we forget about it when we come into this physical manifestation. Make it a practice to give meaning to the things you do in your life. Even if you are not sure of what your purpose is. Life is sometimes about remembering who we truly are and shedding those layers of conditionings. This in addition will support us on our journey of remembering our power.