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Full Moon in Capricorn

Updated: Jun 22

The Full Moon phase is full of oppositions and opportunities. From one side we have the astrological opposition of the Sun and the Moon and on the other side the oppositional energies of Cancer and Capricorn. The opportunity we have is to become clear on our vision and what needs to be released in order to move towards our dreams. A powerful time for self-discovery.

full moon capricorn

Full Moon

During the Full Moon, we feel the need to connect and come together with the community. It is a time to celebrate the abundance we have in life. To give thanks for the abundance available to us in this season of summer. Out of all the other moon phases, the Full Moon is when we feel the most pressure to make a change. Are you truly in harmony with the life you created? Are you balanced? What needs to be let go of in order to invite in the new and more aligned?

Know that when you are feeling the tension and pressure from the Full Moon, you are being called to go deep within, reflect, and then from that place of inner reflection to make a change in your outer world.

Full Moon in Capricorn

On the Full Moon in Capricorn, we are working with both the energies of Cancer and her counter-opposite, Capricorn.

Cancer on the one side craves for comfort, protection and desires to take a leading role at home. With a soft inside, it relays on its shell, its home, to stay safe from the elements of life. A sensitive creature that is however not passive. It anticipates everyone else’s needs, leading it sometimes to forget its own needs.

Capricorn on the opposite spectrum craves fulfillment in its work life. It asks us what gives me purpose? What do I value in life? What do I desire to do with my everyday life? Capricorn is very much concerned about its legacy and what it’s leaving behind.

It desires to have an influence on others, whereas Cancer is concerned about the inner home.

This Full Moon gives us a safe container with the Earth element of Capricorn to fully soak into the emotions of the Water sign, Cancer. How are you feeling about your day-to-day life and what you are doing with your time? Do you feel fulfilled by your work?

From our inner world we reflect on how we desire to contribute to the whole and ask what beliefs do we hold around making our dreams come true?

Cancer, being ruled by the Moon, has access to our deep subconscious thoughts and mind. Making it a powerful time to review our inner belief system regards to what we deem possible in our home and work life.

Capricorn, being ruled by Saturn, wants us to have our responsibilities in check. Wherever you have your Saturn in your natal chart is where your Soul made a commitment to. It therefore asks you to step up and take those practical steps of making a change in your life, work or home and family life.


Expect to access deeper underlying emotions this Full Moon. With Pluto, the planet of transformation, conjuncting the moon, we will experience the need to take responsibility for our emotions. We might feel more empowered to make change and act upon what we have been feeling for a while now.

With the Moon and North Node aspecting one another in a trine, we are being called to make change towards a more aligned life. The Sun sextiles the North Node in Taurus. We might be called to make radical changes this Full Moon thanks to the influence of Uranus conjunction with the North Node. Uranus likes to shake things up and drive us to change and innovation.

Journaling Questions

What is a belief that you are ready to let go of and replace with an empowering internal message?

What are you being called to change in regards to your work or home life?

What practical steps can you take to make a change to your work, home life or your day to day activities?

Moon Ritual

Let’s connect with the Earth and Water element tonight.

What you need:

  • Two crystals

Take your crystals and first cleanse them with water, if possible water that comes from a natural body of water (river, lake, ocean). While you cleanse them, recite 3x to yourself or out loud: I am cleansing any previous programming.

Afterwards take a crystal each one hand, sit outdoors where you can see this glorious Super Full Moon, and take a moment to tune within taking at least 3 long breaths in and out.

Now state your intention for this Full Moon. Send this intention to your left hand letting the crystal in your left hand fully absorb it.

Next state what limiting belief you desire to release this Full Moon. Send this intention to your right hand letting the crystal work its magic of neutralizing your energy from this limiting belief.

Stay with your intentions, breathing in your intention, sending it your left hand and breathing out what you are releasing tonight sending this to your right hand, until you feel called to end your ritual.

Place the crystal you held in your left hand on your altar or next to your bed tonight. Place the other crystal you held in your right hand outdoors under the Full Moon light in order to cleanse it.

About the writer

Inés Kelly astrologer and Human Design reader has been musing about the moon since 2018.

Lover of all things cycles: moon, menstrual, seasons, astrology, ritual.

Anything cyclical that allows ourselves to flow at our own pace and time is medicine to me.


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