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full moon in leo

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

The Full Moon - a time for celebration, gatherings, manifestation, transformation and intuitive powers. The peak of the lunar cycle. The most notorious of the moon phases. This lunar cycle the Full Moon will be in the sign, Leo. Let’s explore what that means for us energetically.

full moon in leo

La Luna

The moon has been a focus for mystical and matriarchal practices long before we knew. The one of living in attunement with the natural cycles of Earth, Sun and Moon. Tuning into these forces is an ancient practice, way before New Age spirituality decided to adapt it to its many resources.

The moon was a way to track the nights, the cycles of women, fertility and planting/harvesting. It was known even in those times that the Full Moon was when we were at our most outwards in energy. Therefore, it was appointed a time to come together with the tribe to share stories, wisdom, teachings and connect with one another.

Although patriarchy turned the wisdom of the moon against its origins. Such as making the Full Moon as a time of lunacy. The Waning Moon (Dark Moon) phase to be feared and demonized. We are now returning to this cyclical knowing that the dark or full vibrance of the Moon is not to be feared.

But to be celebrated for the potential she inherently possesses to create magic within ourselves and in our lives.

The Full Moon is not here to make you feel crazed and disorientated but to transform our deepest fears and limiting beliefs into higher energies.

I choose to see astrology and moonology through the lens of empowerment. Every phase contains its unique magic. None better than the other - it is about honoring each one for their individual contribution to the whole spectrum of various energies that can coexist harmoniously.

The Full Moon

Every Full Moon we are feeling into two opposing energies - the one of the Sun and the one of the Moon. Standing right across from each other helps us work through the shadow parts of both these energies. Shadow meaning what is lingering under the surface of our subconscious.

The Full Moon sheds light to whatever is ready to be seen, transformed and healed. This is why for anyone who is sensitive, it can feel intense, yet it is always serving our highest expression of self. How can we lean into the discomfort of our shadows without going into overwhelm?

Aquarius, the innovator

The Sun is currently in Aquarius, the innovator and unique thinker. With the role of serving humanity, this sign represents collective energy. In its high expression, it embodies innovative ways to advance humanity in a positive meaningful way. In its low expression, it steers to judgment of authority and society without contributing to a solution. Where can you bring more innovative thinking into your life and how you serve others?

Aquarius reminds us that we are serving humanity, even if we do not do service-based work. We contribute with our thoughts, emotions and actions to the collective energy around us. Know that you are powerful, and so is your energy. It influences a lot more than you might believe.

Leo, the lover of life

The Moon will be in Leo this Full Moon. Leo symbolized by the lion or lioness, is ruled by the Sun contributing to its sunny and bigger than life personality. With their warmth and optimism, they are generous big-hearted beings showing us where we can live our most authentic self-expression. Leo connected to the 5th house of the child can also illustrate the traits of our inner child as well as our relationship to creativity and sexuality. .

The Full Moon in Leo

Where Aquarius is about the collective, Leo represents the relationship to self. It is about finding a healthy balance between bigger themes of the collective, yet doing it from the heart and not from a place of wanting to be liked. A possible shadow from Leo.

This Full Moon can assist us to reconnect to our heart, activate our heart-space and our expression of worthiness. If you have been feeling a lack of connection to your creative side, self-worthiness or inner child, this Full Moon can help you rekindle that inner fire.

Seeing that Venus is conjunct Mars in Capricorn this Full Moon, creates a strong sense of love and the willingness to fight for it. How can you commit to yourself whole-heartedly?

The Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio square the Moon inviting us to take on karmic lessons this Full Moon to heal the heart. How can we make peace with the past and open our hearts more despite any past wounds?

Shamanic Moon Ritual

On this Full Moon in Leo, I invite you to rekindle the love with yourself and your life’s path. Connect with your inner child, creativity, or self-love. Release whatever is blocking you from this connection.

First, I recommend you do an inner child or self-love meditation. Journey within for clarity and healing. Receive my free Full Moon meditation here.

Next, take your burning bowl (a clay pot) and a piece of paper. Write down whatever you desire to be released this Full Moon - any lessons, past wounds, limiting beliefs. What are you ready to release, transform and heal this Full Moon?

Finally, burn the piece of paper with your written answers with intention and grace. Observe how quick or long it takes to burn. Where is the smoke rising to? If it rises up, know the Universe has received your request. Sideways - there might be a lesson still there before it can be fully released. Trust in yourself either way, that you are in it for the long-run and honor your individual healing journey.

Listen to your heart this Full Moon. What does it crave? Sometimes it needs to be wounded from life for it to bravely open itself up again fully and embrace life with a child-like innocence.

Feel the calling to go deeper this Full Moon? Every Full Moon, my online tribe, La Luna Circle gathers online in ceremony. Join us to cultivate sacred space within as without. Learn more about our online circles.


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