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full moon in libra

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

What happens every Full Moon is turbulent for some and healing for all. The way I explain the Full Moon energies is quite simple: one of two things happen. You manifest or you receive lessons. Let’s explore this further in today’s article.

full moon in libra

The Full Moon

The Full Moon is known as a time for release and letting go. What most do not know is why even the need to let go on the Full Moon.

Let’s take a step back - two weeks exactly back to the New Moon. As you might have learned by now, if you have been tuning into these biweekly articles, the New Moon is a time for new beginnings. We, therefore, set our intentions with the fertile energy which is the beginning of a new lunar cycle on this night the moon goes dark.

Now two weeks later on the Full Moon, fully illuminating in all her glory, we look back and ask ourselves, what were the action-steps we took to make our New Moon intentions a reality? Where did we hold ourselves back? What manifestation came through and where did we receive lessons instead?

The Full Moon in reality is a time for manifestation. However, to manifest, we need to sometimes dig a bit deeper and unblock certain beliefs before we do. Why do we desire this certain outcome? Are our intentions really true to our core essence? Sometimes the biggest gift in our manifestation practice is not receiving what we actually asked for. Because the Universe has another plan in store for us.

Either way, you will receive your manifestations in your own divine timing. Every manifestation we desire to see come to fruition is always linked to lessons that are for our highest self. It is about letting go of the “how it will happen” and “when it will happen”. And it’s more about allowing things to unfold to your own divine timeline. It is about returning to the state of trust that is all happening for us and not against us.

Why the Full Moon

The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle. Besides the New Moon, the most powerful phase of the cycle. With the Moon shining her light, she sheds light onto what is required to heal. Her light brings healing to all, if we allow it.

The Polarity

The dance of polarity between two different energy entities happens on the Full Moon. This is why her power is so intense. On the New Moon, she aligns in the same astrological sign. However, on the Full Moon, the Moon has journeyed further down the zodiac wheel and now finds herself to be on the other end of the Sun.

This direct opposition creates tension, which we can use for our highest good. This is when breakthroughs happen. The moment we become fed up with what we have been doing up to this point. When we become aware of patterns and are ready to release them.

Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon is happening on Saturday, 16 April 2022 at 20:54 in 28 degrees Libra. The Moon is in Libra and the Sun is currently still journeying through the sign of Aries. We recently began a new astrological year, which is always initiated by the fire sign of Aries.

Ruled by Mars, Aries is the first of all twelve signs. Making it excellent at leadership, initiations, entrepreneurship. Often associated with the God of War, known as Mars, it has a similar fiery spirit of willpower, passion and fight. It desires to be the first and fiercely independent. Shadow sides could be that it has tendencies of self-centeredness and insensitivity towards others when achieving its goals.

On the other spectrum, its polar opposite, is the harmonious sign of Libra. Libra is known as the Scales or Balance. Ruled by Venus, she desires harmony, justice, peace and beauty above all. However, the price for harmony comes often from Libra not speaking its truth, saying yes when it actually means no and putting harmony of the relationship in front of its own true desires. This sign does not like to be alone, unlike Aries.


This Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are not only in opposition, but both square Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the planet of transformation. Everything Pluto touches, it destroys in order for it to be reborn. Therefore, it could create exactly the tension we need to make a drastic change in our relationships: to ourselves and others.

Aries asks us to put ourselves first, whereas Libra says let’s do this together. How can both energies coexist in harmony? On a Libra Moon, it is about putting into perspective where we keep ourselves small to not rock the boat? Where are we risking something in order to maintain the balance?

It is a time to strengthen the relationship to self in order to be true to our desires. The deeper relationship we have with ourselves, the more we will no longer shy away from portraying our best interests to others in spite of what others might think.

Full Moon Rituals

On this particular Full Moon, invite the loving energies of the sign, Libra. Decorate your altar with the color rose or pink. Buy peonies or tulips in the color rose. In addition, choose one of the four elements to connect with depending on what you desire to strengthen in your relationships.


If you feel you lack boundaries, I invite you to strengthen your assertiveness through the element of fire. Write down what you are ready to release this Full Moon and burn it. While you do so, connect with the flame of fire, watch the list go up in flames. Observe the direction the smoke goes to. Where it goes will give you further indications. If it goes up, the time is now. If the smoke goes sideways, there are still some lessons to be learned, be patient.


If you desire to strengthen your communication skills, connect with the element of air. Do a pranayama breathing exercise. Play a musical instrument while you meditate to help you journey deeper within.


If you find it hard to feel your emotions, connect with the element of water. Take a nourishing bath filled with sea salt, essential oils and add meditative music in the background. Journal afterwards about your feelings and what you are ready to express to yourself and in your relationships.


Do you feel disconnected from your physical body? This could manifest as impatience and hasty action instead of well-thought ones. If you feel scattered and unsettled, then connect with the element earth. Take a moment to nurture the relationship to your body by giving yourself a body rub with an essential oil that you like. Give your body thanks for all it gives you.

Choose only one ritual and connect with that element on this Full Moon. Rituals can be simple and are meant to be simple. Listen to your intuition and where it guides you.

May this Full Moon be one of empowerment, for you and your relationships.

Join our virtual Full Moon Circle with our online tribe, La Luna Circle. A group of likeminded women who gather every New Moon and Full Moon to do the inner healing work with the lunar energies.

Sending blessings,

Inés Kelly


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