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how I open a sacred space

"The way we enter a space is the way we go out." - Inés Kelly

My La Luna Sisters have heard me say this before. Every sacred space I create there is a clear intention, an opening and a closing.

The integrity of what we are co-creating is being formed in these moments of intentional openings and closings.

When we enter ceremonial space, we open the space with our intentions and energies as a group.

I usually wait until the group is complete and everyone has arrived to open our space.

Of course, this is not always the case and I rely if anyone is running late that our energies will hold that space for them.

Once everyone has taken their seat, I invite them to close their eyes and tune in. I guide them through a short meditation based on one of the four elements we are working with in that current lunar phase.

Through earth, water, air or fire I guide them back to themselves.

An intention is set.

A remembrance ignited.

The space and energy activated.

I bring them back and invite them to hold that intention they have set for themselves throughout the circle.

Our space is now open.




A portal for our energies to continue to merge and co-weave together as a whole. Each with our own intentions, yet together these intentions are being amplified into the Universe.

This is the power of collective gathering.


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