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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Imagine a space where you can come anytime, a place to come back into your being. As simple as lighting a candle. You set an intention while you light the flame. You deepen your breath. Your entire attention is in this very moment, activating this space you are creating for yourself. Every time you return there, you are activating this space further. The magic is being ignited.

Becoming a mother for me was like loosing my Self. My life was no longer my own. It was now co-shared with these tiny beings that were completely dependent on me. I had to redefine what it meant to be me.

I longed for a space that is completely my own which was when I very naturally started to create an altar. I would write inspirational sayings, quotes from A Course in Miracles, hang up photos of Yogi Bhajan, light candles, diffuse oils - it was a place in my home that was dedicated just for me. It honored the path I was on. Even if I could spend only but short moments there at a time. It felt sacred to me. Exactly what I was craving.

Moon rituals came into my life shortly after. Manifesting with the energy of the moon made complete sense to me. That there was time to be, rest, contemplate, create, produce, receive, and release. The yin and the yang of the collective energy weaving in and out from one another. That one could not exist without the other. How there is a time for everything.

What is a Moon Altar?

It is a dedicated sacred spot in your home, where you can bring together many elements, objects, intentions to hone in the moon energy. It is not a place to worship the moon. It is more to enhance and magnify your desires on a deeper level. Where you can leave your intentions, affirmations, objects to be infused by the moon energy and your own aligned intentions.

How to create a Moon Altar?

Pick a designated area in your home and if possible keep it in the same spot to really activate that space with powerful intentions. I like to place all my items over a piece of wood or tray. Get creative and have fun with creating your sacred space!

Let it be a personalized sacred spot in your home that you allows to come back into the moment and focus on what you truly desire to create more of in your life.

Personally, I work with the shamanic principle of the 4 elements (fire, water, air, earth). In every ritual I do, I include something of each to honor our Mama Earth, Mama Luna and Father Sky.

Items for your Moon Altar based on the 4 elements (fire, water, air, earth):

☽ Candles and matches/lighter (fire)

☽ Sage/Palo Santo (earth)

☽ Flowers/plants/dried herbs (earth)

☽ Seashell/abalone shell (water)

☽ Feather (air)

☽ Singing bowls/bells/instruments (air)

Essences or essential oils (earth)

☽ crystals (earth)

☽ moon symbols (water)

☽ singing bowl, drum, gong (air)

Other items:

☽ symbol or photo of the moon (phases)

☽ photos of yourself

☽ pictures related to your dreams

☽ singing bowl, a gong, or another healing instrument

☽ photos of your spiritual teachers

small statutes of Goddesses

☽ small symbols of luck, prosperity, love

☽ any sentimental objects

☽ pot or shell to burn/catch ashes

☽ flowers

How to put it all together:

☽ Place your items at your moon altar on top of a tray or a cloth. My recommendation: I would keep the moon altar always at the same place as long as possible. As you are activating the space with your energy every time you encounter it.

☽ Choose one item of each element for your moon altar.

☽ Keep your intention and manifestation lists at the moon altar.

☽ Burn essence as often as possible. Light a candle or create ritual whenever you feel the calling.

☽ Use the 4 main peak energy points of the lunar cycle, i.e. New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon, Third Quarter Moon, to create ritual if you need a guide reference to when to create ritual.

I hope you find this useful and interesting. If you did, you might be interested in my online course, Moon Magic, for you to create ritual with every phase of the Moon.

In the 5 modules, you learn all about the moon, the lunar phases, energetics behind every phase, rituals, inner journeys and journaling prompts and so much more!

Your guide to manifest with the Moon!


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