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Lion's Gate Portal Rituals

During the 26 July until 12 August 2022 we will experience the brightest star, Sirius known as the spiritual Sun, to descend and align with the Sun and Earth. It is at its strongest on 8 August 2022 when energetically it reaches its peak. 08/08 is a powerful combination in numerology.

lion's gate portal rituals

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The Lion’s Gate Portal is a time when collective consciousness is receiving an upgrade to clear the old and invite in the new. It is a doorway to a higher dimension, if we allow the transmissions to come through.

During the period of the 26 July until the 12 August, we will experience a powerful energy that will help us usher and clear out low vibrations within our being, in order for us to channel a higher consciousness in being. This will happen on an individual and collective level. What themes have been coming up for you?

Throughout the Lion’s Gate Portal, challenge yourself to become aware of outdated beliefs you are still holding. How many of your reactions are automated and on autopilot? Where can you allow healing to stream into your life? Are your reactions aligned to your heart?

What to do on the Lion’s Gate:

  • Sit in the sun, meditate and receive unconditional love and light codes from the solar energies linked to the sign of the Lion.

  • Be open to flashes of intuition and inspiration.

  • Journal every day to pinpoint limiting beliefs and explore lessons that have been coming through.

What you need:

♌︎ two pieces of paper

♌︎ matches

♌︎ a pot to burn or a place where you can burn paper safely

♌︎ optional: smudging equipment

♌︎ Begin this ritual through first preparing the space.

Creating ritualistic sacred space is the first step to every ritual. Use sage, palo santo or any other incense to burn safely. With a feather or your hand, spread the smoke to energetically cleanse your space in order to align the energy within the room to your intentions. Through this simple practice of smudging you are already connecting to the element of fire.

♌︎ Make two lists.

One with your most heart-craved desires. One with your limiting beliefs around your desires. As you write these lists, tune into the polarity of both frequencies of your desires and limitations. Acknowledge that both can coexist in harmony. That one does not automatically need to cancel the other one out. We are complex creatures of duality. Let’s embrace all sides of ourselves! Not only the pretty ones.

♌︎ Tune into your first list of limiting beliefs.

While tuning into your limiting beliefs, sit with them, do not brush them off or ignore the uncomfortable feelings. Give them room to be seen, heard, felt and acknowledged.

♌︎ Tune into your manifestation list.

Turn to your manifestation list and tune into the frequency of your desires, how would it feel in your body to receive them and have your wildest dreams become true? Does it feel blissful, peaceful, calming, exciting, arousing?

♌︎ Feel your visceral messages.

Pinpointing those sensations in your body will help you know if you are on the right track towards your manifestations or if you are leading yourself astray. Use this as a compass, especially for us women, who are so deeply connected to their bodies if you have yet realized this magic or not. Your visceral non-verbal communication is telling you at all times what is in alignment or what isn’t.

♌︎ Burn your list of limitations.

Allow the transmuting energy of fire, raise these energies into a higher frequency. Be present while you watch how your list goes up in flames. Does it burn fast? Did it burn slow? This could also be indicators of how big of a topic this will be for you to release.

May this portal be one of blessings. Happy Lion's Gate

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About the writer

Inés Kelly is a trauma-informed space holder and integral guide in Human Design and astrology. Her multi-cultural background has gifted her with the insight of various rituals and traditions. Bringing the ancestral and the honoring of the natural cycles to the community is a deep value she holds.

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