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How to interpret your dreams

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Your dreams are messengers. Your deep inner workings, processes and healing. Understanding these messenges can help you understand yourself profoundly and use this intuitive gift to catalyst yourself into a being who understands their shadows and light.

Being the intuitive Scorpio child I was, I always had vivid dreams. One recurring dream of a witches and magical beings would make me laugh so hard I would wake myself up.

Having prophetic like dreams are something I have observed my mother, and other women, experience, especially during their moon time. This is no coincidence.

Dreams have been a deep interest of mine which now looking back makes so much sense to why. Throughout my teens and twenties I was obsessed with dreams and symbolism. I used to keep a dream journal, and take a moment every day to interpret my dreams. This passion of mine has now translated itself into the dream-like visions I guide women through to heal and connect with their inner essence. This was my gateway to shamanic journeying.

In shamanic cultures, dreams were seen as a portal to another world, an altered state where we are able to sense collective and individual energy. Omens, prophecies, passageways to the spirit world were accessed by dreams. This was were reality could be altered, shaped, explored and understood. The Shaman was known as the "Dreamer" depicting the importance of dreams and dreamlike states in shamanism.

When do we have the most vivid dreams?

  • Notice your dreams during the New Moon and dark moon phase, when the moon activates our darker realms, inner processes and subconscious mind more than usual. This includes also our inner New Moon and Dark Moon phase also known as our pre-/menstrual phase.

  • During the Lion's Gate, which happens once a year, currently now until the 8th of August, a portal that has been opened thanks to the conjunction of the brighest star Sirius, and the Sun in Leo. This is an invitation to slow down, and understand what is shifting from within. Vivid dreams also might be coming your way. It is a super potent and charged time! expect energetic downloads and insights.

  • During Eclipse Seasons or any other unique and rare astrological events, when energy is quite intense and transformative.

  • After any healing inner work, such as shamanic healing, theta healing, energetic body work, cacao ceremonies, could also call up vivid dreaming states, even lucid dreaming to an extent.

Dreams types

Dreams are gateways to our subconscious minds. Some dreams could be interpreted as signs, warnings and messages - if so, i invite you to also notice signs coming in in your waking life.

Other dreams are here to help you process a lot of your inner stories, beliefs, wounds, pain and experiences from our daily life and the past. It can also show us are deepest desires, wants and needs.

Know that what you see in a dream can be not be translated 1 to 1 in your waking life. dreams work with symbolism. It shows you pictures/images/objects/people that represent a part of yourself and your inner workings.

For example, having someone die in your dream does not mean they will die in waking life. Death is something we learned from society to fear. However, in reality, death is an ending to something, marking also a new beginning, a new cycle. So, it is actually positive to dream of death. What are you finally letting go of, changing or beginning new in your life right now?

This could look like a friend/partner/lover/stranger - this usually represents a part of you and your personality. When you see a person in your dream, ask yourself: what does this represent for me? What part of that person can i see within myself? Go there - even if you are thinking to yourself that you have nothing in common with this person. If it is someone you don't know then maybe it is an unknown aspect of yourself. Although it is said that you only see people you have seen in your waking life (this or another).

Oftentimes seeing a parent or grandparent can symbolize protection. They could serve as a guardian angel in your dream. Of course, again, depending on the whole context of your dream.

What is symbolism

Symbolism represents ideas and qualities. It goes beyond what we see and creates for linkeages between the different worlds of our inner and outer state. In essence, everything has a meaning in life. At least that is how I choose to live my life. It makes life feel like a real collective web of our emotions, thoughts, experiences, relationships. It all mirrors one another, and we process them on many levels. It is also be seen as guidance from the Universe/Source. Placing a feather gently on your path, hearing snippets of a conversation that relates to something going in our life, seeing angel numbers, opening a book and reading a specific sentence that resonates - all signs, symbols of divine guidance. just like your dreams. You remembered it for a reason!

Here are a few ways for you to remember your dreams:

  • Have a journal next to your bed, so you can write down the symbols you received through your dream, as soon as you awake. Like this you can best ensure that you will not forget the details later as the day goes by.

  • Before falling asleep, your eyes already closed, the lights are off - tell yourself to remember your dreams. Ask your Guides for help. Emphasis the importance of your dreams to your theta like state of mind. Before falling asleep we reach the theta wave state naturally. In this state we are absorbent of all information we receive. Listening to audios such as hypnosis as you fall asleep can be very beneficial for you, as your mind will absorb it all. even if you do fall asleep, it will still work!

  • Trust that what you do remember from your dreams is a message your Soul would like you to receive. We will not remember all of our dreams and that is ok! I definitely do not dream as much as I once did, So I know for certain that the dreams that do stick are the ways that I should give my attention to.

  • Finally, if you don't recall your entire dream, that is ok. Also a snippet of your dream will say a lot. Again this is what you needed to remember. Even better if you remember an overall feeling or emotion, Such as, fear, anger, desire, etc.? Write this down. It will be relevant to the dream interpretation process.

What do when you have written down your dreams: Journal.

Journaling is self-discovery and exploration. what do you believe, think, feel, hate, love is what journaling opens you up to explore. I suggest to have one journal only for your dreams. cause once you begin to put importance and emphasis on your dreams, believe me, you will be having lots of them!

Once you have written down your dream, ask yourself and journal out the following questions to get your dream interpretation ritual going:

  • What emotions did I feel during my dream? fear, anger, hate, love, desire, longing, sadness...?

  • Where in my waking life can I place the emotions I felt in my dream?

  • What does this dream symbolize for me?

  • Is this dream a message/warning?

  • Was it me processing something from my waking life, if so what?

  • What animal/person/object did I see and what does it symbolize for me? where do I see a connection within myself or the given current situation in my life?

  • If I am having a hard time understanding/deciphering/interpreting my dreams then what is blocking me? what does not want me to see my dream for what it is?

Eventually, you will find your groove when it comes to your dreams. Remember, only YOU will fully understand your dreams and its meanings like no guide, healer, reader, interpreter can tell you. You know exactly what it means, sometimes it just takes a bit of digging. Trust what you find within, and sit with it, reflect on it. See what it brings up in you. That is the medicine working its magick. By making your reflect, and connect within. maybe exactly what your subconscious was actually craving.

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About the writer

Inés Kelly

Lover of all things cycles: moon, menstrual, astrology, ritual.

Anything cyclical that allows ourselves to flow at our own pace and time is medicine to me.

In ceremony or through 1:1 sessions, I guide you to reconnect with yourself. I offer you shamanic guidance, astrological insights, journeying and energy cleansing.

Ritual is a powerful tool to have. Let ritual empower you and become the focus you would like to ignite change from.


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