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The Planets and Days of the Week

A place I looked for inspiration to create a more aligned and intuitive routine were the planets and days of the week. Every day is governed by a planetary energy. There is a reason why Monday's feel so legarthic and Friday's pleasurable. Understanding the planetary influences can help you schedule according to the supportive cosmic energies.

planets and days of the week

Sunday: Associated with the Sun

Sunday is a good time to focus on financial or legal matters, career advancement, business and professional partnerships. Also mental and physical health, civic undertakings and entertainment. Make investments and further your education. Focus on your goals and wellness.

Monday: Associated with the Moon

Monday is associated to the home, family life, cooking, gardening, spiritual care, healing, beauty and medicine. Today is a good day to practice any healing arts, past-life regressions, develop your wisdom, intuition and pyschic abilities. Pull cards for the week ahead. Connect with your guides, smudge your home to energetically prepare for the week. Make a home cooked meal and enjoy your home.

Tuesday: associated with Mars

Tuesday is the day to do any physical activity. Mars being the planet of war and agression helps with physical endurance on this day. It also is connected to anything passionate or sexual. Starting off anything new on this day will be supported. The official start to a work week ideally. Schedule surgeries and tests on this day. Initiate anything new.

Wednesday: associated with Mercury

Wednesday is connected to the planet of communication and short-distance travel, Mercury. Today is dedicated to the arts or doing anything artsy. Have meetings, heart-to-heart talks, sign contracts, send emails and make phone calls. Also consider scheduling education on Wednesdays. Obtaining knowledge and facts might be easier on a Wednesday. Being the middle of the week, it is also a powerful time to reevaulate your steps in regards to what worked and what didn't.

Thursday: associated with Jupiter

Thursday is the ideal day to do any long-distance traveling and socializing. Anything related to foreign affairs and politics. This is the day for luck, high achievement and self-development. Religious pursuits, meditation practices or anything to nourish your mental and spiritual mind-body-soul connection. Meet with your doctors, psychologists and counselors on this day. Anything that requires more of your attention and long-term goals are to be worked on a Thursday.

Friday: associated with Venus

Friday is the day linked to pleasure, love, romance, friendship and fertility. The ideal time to meditate and do any spellcasting (set an intention of where you're focusing your energy). Had a stressful week? Now is time to relax, and take things s l o w.Any healing on the body and mind is supported today. Relax, have fun and indulge. Venus governs money, values, and the material realm. A day to do beauty rituals and self-care practices - simply be and enjoy the beauty around you!

Saturday: associated with Saturn

Saturday brings us to the end of the week. Saturn is very aware of authority, work and responsibilities. It is a good time to bring loops to an end. Energetically cleanse your home and space and sweep away any negativity from your mind. Now is the time to evaluate your week: what went well and what didn't? What would you have done differently? Make a plan and create structure for the week to come.

Happy scheudling according to the Cosmos ✨

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About the writer

Inés Kelly is a trauma-informed space holder and integral guide in Human Design and astrology. Her multi-cultural background has gifted her with the insight of various rituals and traditions. Bringing the ancestral and the honoring of the natural cycles to the community is a deep value she holds.


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