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How to recognize your Spirit Animal

Spirit Animals are guides who appear in form as an animal, when we need love, strength, support, inspiration, and guidance. These may vary depending on life circumstances and what we are currently in need of.

spirit animal

In this article, I would like to share my personal experience with spirit animals. I regularly connect women with their spirit animals through the inner journeys I guide them through in my ceremonies. This is what I have come to learn about working with spirit animals so far.

How to recognize a Spirit Animal:

  • Notice what spirit animal appears mostly in your inner journeys.

  • Reflect on an animal that has been present in your life through dreams, symbols or otherwise. Have you been drawn to a specific animal as a child?

  • Ask your Guides and Angels to reveal your Spirit Animal in your dreams before falling asleep.

  • Take note of a specific animal you might see popping up around you, i.e. in billboards, on tv, in books, oracle cards, statues, etc.

Ways to Honor your Spirit Animal

Once you have encountered your Spirit Animal and desire to understand what message they have for you, find ways to honor and connect with them.

  • Have a Symbol of your Spirit Animal at your Altar.

  • Wear jewelry with the symbol.

  • Make it your screensaver on your phone or laptop.

  • Speak to them in prayers, meditations, journeys.

  • Give offerings to nature for their presence and energy.

Invoke your Spirit Animal's energy

You can call upon their energy and medicine in certain situations you desire to have their courage, strength, guidance and resilience. Invite them into your meditation and inner journeys. Know you are never alone in your experiences.

How I recognized my Spirit Animal

As a child, I had a strong connection with my pet cat. I learned a lot from having a cat and being in contact with him. Their mystical ways of being had a big impact on me helping me connect to the mystical realms. Another animal that I was fascinated with was the pink river dolphin from the Amazon river in South America. Dolphins represent communication, something I struggled with as a child.

Years later when I took my first shamanic journey, I encountered a Black Panther from a far. She watched me while drinking water from a river with a waterfall. It was dark like it was night time, which for me represents deeper subconscious parts of my psyche that were emerging. The Black Panther is a Guardian of the Night and keeper of shamanic lunar wisdom. I was at the beginning of my journey of sharing moon teachings and creating moon circles for women to connect to the lunar energies.

I have also observed how my sons have had different associations throughout different times in their lives. My eldest who is usually quite impatient and overlooks details often had a strong connection to sloth helping him slow down. My youngest is linked to the tiger, as it gave him the courage and strength to go to daycare on his own without the protection of his older brother.

I would love to hear from you: what is your spirit animal? How did it appear in your life?

Thank you for being here. Much love and resilience,

Inés Kelly

☽ ☾

shamanic healer

Lover of all things cycles: moon, menstrual, astrology, ritual.

Anything cyclical that allows ourselves to flow at our own pace and time is medicine to me.

This is why I created an online space for women to gather, dance, flow, be with the moon, one another and ourselves.

LA LUNA CIRCLE is your online membership, your spiritual gym so to say, that gives you a space to unravel your inner most being and connect with your feminine essence, balanced with your masculine energies, in a way that feels natural to you.

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