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What is the Symbolism of the Owl

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

The Owl is the gatekeeper of the lunar and nocturnal energies. A perceptive animal with instinctive ability and keen eyesight. Lately, the symbol of the owl has been present with me. Seeing it in many forms: an “owl” lock on a bridge, an owl carved into stone buildings, on oracle cards at a friend’s house (at two different people’s houses). At the last ceremony on Beltane we held in nature, an Owl even hooted while I was speaking. These are ways your spirit animals can reach out to you.

owl medicine spirit animal

When symbols come into our awareness and field so strongly, there is a reason why they are calling our attention. It is an invitation to connect with their energy and the medicine their energy holds. When I speak of the medicine, I mean the energy it is willing to extend to you in order for you to step into your power. Medicine for your soul.

We all have spirit, totem and power animals. Our spirit animal is something we came into the world with as one of Guides - a constant companion. The difference to a power animal is that it comes in temporarily throughout a period in our life when we are moving through changes and transitions. Power animals serve as protection and guidance.

The overall difference

Depending on the culture, these definitions can vary. But overall the main difference between the 3 are the following:

Spirit Animals are animal spirit guides who appear when we need love, strength, support, inspiration, and guidance. You may have many.

The Totem Animal is who you ‘are’. Relationships and families can also be assigned a Totem Animal you can work with. These animal spirits have been with you since birth.

The Power Animal is a spiritual energy that you call on from within or invoke for assistance in a specific situation. They come in for a period of time and then leave when the lesson is done.

At first I was mistaking my Owl guide as a Hawk, until it became quite apparent that the Owl was speaking to me. This is what I came to learn about the Owl and what it represents.

Symbolism of the Owl

The Owl is a nocturnal animal and follows the lunar rhythms. They make mating calls on the Full Moon to humming on the New Moon and ovulating and laying eggs in tune with the moon cycles.

They live in lunar consciousness making them intuitive Guides of our Mama Moon. Those who see the symbols of honeybees, oysters, rabbits, black panthers and owls are all symbols of the moon.

The Owl symbolizes:

  • Lunar consciousness, flow and rhythm, those who live in harmony with the moon

  • Feminine energy

  • Instinctual knowing

  • Intuition

  • Higher perception

  • Change, transition and transformation

  • Rebirth and death

  • Wisdom

The owl is able to see things from a bird's eye perspective and able to see what others can not with their sharp eyesight. There is a connection to the Scorpio energies in astrology. Understanding the duality of life, seeing behind what the eye meets, and a bringer of change and rebirth.

Symbolizing the feminine energy of intuitive insight, wisdom and knowledge. It is time to step into your instinctive knowing once the Owl makes itself known to you. Are you ready?

Reflection Questions

  1. Where have you been doubting your intuition and instinctual knowing?

  2. How has the Owl been appearing in your life?

  3. Since making itself known as your Power/Spirit/Totem Animal, what else has been going on in your life?

  4. What transition are you currently going through?

Ways to Honor your Spirit Animal

  • Have a Symbol of your Spirit Animal at your Altar.

  • Wear jewelry with the symbol.

  • Make it your screensaver on your phone or laptop.

  • Speak to them in prayers, meditations, journeys.

  • Give offerings to nature for their presence and energy.

How to recognize a Spirit Animal:

  • Notice what spirit animal appears mostly in your inner journeys.

  • Reflect on an animal that has been present in your life through dreams, symbols or otherwise. Have you been drawn to a specific animal as a child?

  • Ask your Guides and Angels to reveal your Spirit Animal in your dreams before falling asleep.

  • Take note of a specific animal you might see popping up around you, i.e. in billboards, on tv, in books, oracle cards, statues, etc.

How I recognized my Spirit Animal

As a child, I had a strong connection with my cat. I learned a lot from having a cat and being in contact with him. Their mystical ways of being had a big impact on me helping me connect to the mystical realms. Another animal that I was fascinated with was the pink river dolphin from the Amazon river in South America. Dolphins represent communication, something I struggled with as a child.

Years later when I took my first shamanic journey, I encountered a Black Panther from a far. She watched me while drinking water from a river with a waterfall. It was dark like it was night time, which for me represents deeper subconscious parts of my psyche that were emerging. The Black Panther is a Guardian of the Night and keeper of shamanic lunar wisdom. I was at the beginning of my journey of sharing moon teachings and creating moon circles for women to connect to the lunar energies.

I have also observed how my sons have had different associations throughout different times in their lives. My eldest who is usually quite impatient and overlooks details often had a strong connection to sloth helping him slow down. My youngest is linked to the tiger, as it gave him the courage and strength to go to daycare on his own without the protection of his older brother.

Thank you for reading my article and hope my words have served you. Do share with me about your experience with spirit animals and the owl medicine.

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