the symbolism behind finding a feather

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

do you believe in signs?

have you ever found a lady bug in your home or on your belongings outdoors?

have you ever had a spider living in your bathroom?

have you ever saw certain numbers reappear again and again?

have you ever looked at your phone right at 11:11 or 22:22 etc.?

have you ever found a feather on the ground while walking?

well - dear one, those are all signs.

signs that are being delivered by our spirit guides and ancestors.

did you know that you basically have a team of spirit guides, angels and ancestors cheering you on? communicating with you, sending you signs, and intuitive messages, such as feathers.

the more, we take notice of the signs, and start to follow them, the more intuitive we become. it is like a muscle that you are training. think of it as your daily intuition training.

we are not only our logical side of our brain but also our right hemisphere that is governed by the moon which represents all things intuition. our right side is even more activated as a woman.

what does it mean when i find feathers on my path?

this means you are receiving the medicine that the feather has to offer.

in shamanism, birds in general are a representation of freedom. they have a sense of lightness them. if specific birds are showing up on your path, visions, dreams or such, then that is a whole other blog post.

feather medicine are messages from your guides and give you a deeper connection to spirit.

depending where you find a feather, the message can vary.

when you find a feather on the:

left-side - approach your following steps with awareness, caution and grace

middle - you are on the right path.

right-side - something good is coming your way.

in those moments you find a feather on path, tune in with your energy. place a hand over your heart and breath. reach that silent place where you can hear the whispers of your heart and look within to see if a message would like to show itself in that moment.

what does that feather mean to you in that moment?