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Living a Creative Life with Tsitaliya from Mums in Heels - episode 67

In this episode, I speak to Tsitaliya from Mums in Heels about:

  • creativity, motherhood

  • what "balance" means to her

  • what drives her to live a creative life

  • about her journey and her blog for mothers, Mums in Heels.

podcast mums in heels

About our Guest:

A fashion journalist, a brand communication chief and a fashion insider, Tsitaliya has been writing stories ever since she was seven years old. She’s become an avid story teller for brands today, promoting creativity and self- reflection daily, who delights in style and beauty and roots for slow, spiritual and purposeful life and a more sustainable wardrobe.

Tsitaliya has been working as a journalist for many years but in the last 10 her focus is growing a community and her own media called Mums in Heels: she still works for some brands to help them reach their right audiences through meaningful story telling. Tsitaliya is a mum of two, living in Switzerland together with her family. Originally Tsitaliya is Bulgarian.

What she is good at:

- making sense of things that have no sense.

- I am good at making myself busy

- I am good at finding meaning and igniting others to live a purposeful life

Connect with our guest speaker:

Mums in Heels website:

Mums in Heels Instagram:

Tsitaliya's Instagram:

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